My Beautiful Amazing Love: Part III

One day she just quit calling or answering the phone. Every once in awhile I would get this little text that said hey or a smiley face. And I would always respond. That way she would know I was there…if…

Did I miss her? Of course I did!

When you are to talking with someone everyday for hours on end sharing everything with each other, how could I not miss her?

Eventually the messages got a little longer til one day we talked.

She had a breakdown. The stress of being strong for everyone else who was grieving the loss of Matthew had taken it’s toll. She shut out everyone and tried to find herself again.

But that breakdown caused a loss of employment and therefore the loss of her home ๐Ÿ˜• So I knew I wouldn’t be abl to see her for awhile during this transition she was going through.

She was calling to apologize and to let me know it was something she had to do by herself. Of course I understood.

Almost four years of no communication except a hey every once in a while. But I’m glad the heys did come as they were her sign of I’m still here.

There was not a day that went by that I did not pray for Angie and her boys. She was always in my thoughts so even a short prayer of God, wrap your arms around your daughter today. Let her know that you love her…was a daily thing for me.

I know some of you may say I’m nuts but she is my best friend and I loved her…just not as deeply as it would soon become…but that’s for later.

A few of my high school friends were getting together for a “reunion” of like ten people. So I called Angie to see if she wanted to come. She would know everyone as she graduated two years behind me. But it would be real late getting back so she chose not to come. She despises driving at night.

So on the way back from the party I ask if she would mind meeting me at the gas station close to her house. She agreed ๐Ÿ˜Š

And the moment was awesome! I think my mouth hit the pavement as I was walking towards her to give her a much needed and wanted hug. Our embrace lasted for a while and then we just leaned on her car and chatted for a few.

That started a new season in our relationship as you will soon read about. One that changed us both… completely…forever…

In case you missed the beginning of our story…

My Beautiful Amazing Love Part 1

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