Stu’s World XXI

Here’s to another roller coaster ride…

How do you explain to your soon to be 12 year old son that it is not his fault he didn’t have a relationship with his great uncle and there is no need to be in tears about it?

I get the call Wednesday. Brandon is at the funeral. He had ran under a tree to call me. He’s crying and upset. Saying why am I crying when I didn’t even know him. He didn’t like me or Erin. He never talked to us even when we said hi.

I know son. He was not a people person and didn’t like kids. Heck, Brandon he didn’t even like your mom when she was little. He was never married and never wanted kids. It’s not your fault at all son that you didn’t have a relationship with him. It’s not really his fault either, but it is certainly not yours.

He seemed ok with that…for the time being at least.

Wednesday night Angie calls on her way home. She wants to go with her back to Arkansas to help her pack and bring some things back to Louisiana with her. Yoo-hoo!! Two days with Angie!! I was so exited…

Thursday night she calls and informs me that after talking to her parents about me being the one to go with her…her dad goes but I wanted to go with you. They are in the healing stage of the family relationship and I said does he know how women pack 😂

I could not let on about how deeply that actually hurt. I have to be supportive of their family healing. Angie and I have been praying for her parents for a very long time and for her dad to actually want to do something with her, just the two of them, is huge! How could I possibly be mad?

So I am happy and sad over the situation. Yeah…I’m selfish…just admitting the truth.

But she does have to go back and get more things…so maybe…but I have learned not to make plans as they have a tendency to go 💥

I’ll find out later today how their trip went if she’s not to tired when she gets home.

Here’s the other bad news. My phone died Friday. Like literally would not power back on. So I couldn’t call into work so I couldn’t take pictures of Brandon’s belt ceremony. I had to use his phone…

My new black belt!

This little dude has worked so freaking hard to get where he is in Taekwondo. I am so very proud of all he has done in the past seven years to reach this milestone 😀

Now because my phone isn’t working I couldn’t call into work and let them know that I had no ride and wouldn’t be able to make it.

So after walking Brandon to his tumbling class I head to AT&T mad as all get out. This little endeavor will take my car money…or so I thought.

After explaining everything to the sales lady we came up with a plan.

Here’s the good news…

I have a new phone with wayyyyy more storage and it did not cost me a penny as the phone was free. 😮 I haven’t tried out the camera. My memory card managed to safely transfer all my old photos which included pictures of the kids and me and Angie. I was worried I would lose all of them.

I did however manage to lose all the messages from Angie from the past four years though😭😭

But I have a REAL phone and not the piece of junk that comes with a prepaid account…major plus 😊

And I can watch all my faves on the DC Network 👊

I even have a new screen saver photo for you dad’s out there…

Here’s one for you mom’s…

Photos courtesy of

Hopefully next week will not be so up and down in the emotional side for me…oh who am I kidding…

Maybe with this new phone some of your posts will actually show up in my reader section.

I pray everyone has an awesome week.

Remember to pick a random blogger and pray for them this week!

17 thoughts on “Stu’s World XXI”

  1. Sometimes it’s really hard to like God’s plans or timing. 😑 We can give thanks, though, knowing He does stuff because He loves us, and He’s got this.
    And I don’t even know what DC network means.
    Way to go, Brandon!

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