I Don’t Get It! I Just Don’t Get It!

What is wrong with me?

I hear that question a lot from some of my female friends.

Here are some of the other questions that coincide with that one…

What about me is so unattractive that he feels the need to look at other women?

Why is that when he hugs me it feels like it’s just a quick let’s get this over with instead of one that says I don’t want to let you go?

Why does he look at porn when I am right there waiting and wanting to fulfill his sexual fantasies?

Where is the intimacy? This one is asked a lot but not in regards to just sex.

I am sure there are a lot more but these are just the ones I hear the most.

And when one of my friends say these things…I am always saying I don’t get it!

And they are always like…that’s because you are not like most men.

And my response?? Thank God!!

Here is what I don’t get!!!

All of it, for crying out loud!

Let me be honest and upfront. Someone I love deeply has asked me some of these questions and I am sure the look on my face the first time she asked me “Why is that when he hugs me it feels like it’s just a quick let’s get this over with instead of one that says I don’t want to let you go?” freaked her out.

I don’t know I told her. Because when I hug you I don’t ever want to let go.

When I kiss you I don’t want to stop…ever. More please…is all my eyes say.

I’ve heard stories of women walking naked in front of their boyfriend/husband heading to the bedroom or bath and they just sit there watching t.v.


🤔🤔 No second thoughts for me on that one. I would be following her before she could even look my direction to see if I’m getting up.

Come on guys…geez.

The love of your life is saying very loudly…hey, I’m here. I want you! Let’s go! And your gonna stay and watch the TV. Have you lost your ever loving mind?

But here is where the reality sets in and the questions really have validity.

They are caught looking at porn, texting other women or physically having sex with another women!

That is where the first question is real. It doesn’t matter what you tell her. It’s your actions that speak ever so loudly to the point where they think something is wrong with them physically, emotionally, sexually, etc.

Here is where the Intimacy besides sex come into play. Communication…Hello! We all have a voice. Use it for crying out loud. Talk. Remember how you used to talk all the time…that’s still important guys and gals.

While she’s cooking dinner come up behind her and just give her a quick hug…yes that is a form of communication and intimacy!

Something for crying out loud. She needs to see that you want her! She needs to feel that you want her! She needs to know that you want her! Actions…not words fellas!

Not let me be honest. Porn is a form of adultery. I get it. But I never physically cheated.

With Angie I was porn free and never cheated. I’m not bragging.

I’m just saying I knew what I had, I loved her, cherished her and wanted no one else in ANY form.

Shouldn’t that be the way it is for all of us…men?

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