What If I Said You’re Beautiful?

This is one of my older posts from 2014. It was just on my mind one day after pondering why someone I cared about at the time didn’t believe me when I told her that she was beautiful. What she tried to hide from the world I found to be an addition to the beauty she already portrayed with her inner beauty. This was the result.

What if I were to tell you that you are beautiful?

What If

Would you believe me? Or would you take my words and throw them on the ground and trample on them?
I wonder…could it be that deep down inside you really do want to believe me but you just do not know how. Could it be that you are hearing the whispers, from days gone by, from other men and their hurtful words? You know..the ones that really wanted you for just one thing only, that had nothing to with honoring you. Is it possible your family members used words to kill your beauty…to make you think you were not beautiful on the inside much less the outside?
Maybe you have dealt with past abuse from relationships you are afraid to open up about because of the fear of dealing with past hurts. I get it. I understand. It just doesn’t change the fact that I see you as beautiful. It does not matter what other people say.
Maybe you have just gone through so much crap you just do not see how anyone can find you attractive. Could it possibly be that your husband had cheated on you or possibly even been addicted to pornography? And now you are trying to figure out what the heck happened. Why did he look at those women and not me? Maybe he even committed adultery. None of these things change the fact that you are beautiful! I know that one is a hard pill to swallow but it is the truth.
Allow me to honest and upfront for a few minutes here…
Every woman on this planet is different just as is every man! God is not in Heaven with a cookie cutter placing each one of us in an oven with our names attached. We are each special and unique! And we are each beautiful!

I had my self-worth issues when I was married, as did my wife. It’s just that I thought she was beautiful when she didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t see it.

  • There are no two pair of breasts that are the same. One will (and I hate using this word but for lack of a better one) sag lower than the other. Though I have not stared at a pair of breasts for a long time, without playing with them, I am sure that even the areola on one is different from the other, even if it is just the slightest difference. Just like one man’s testicle will hang lower than the other one.
  • No vagina is the same, yet each one is beautifully made by the Father to accommodate the male penis, It is intricately designed for pleasure. There are many points to this made by other more qualified bloggers than I, like Bonny over at Oysterbed7 and her series on the Wonder of O’s, though I plan on doing a post on the vagina from a man’s perspective one day…maybe.
  • Everyone’s belly button is different. Some are insies and some are outsies. Yet everyone one of them served the same purpose in the womb. To bring nourishment to our developing bodies.
  • Everyone’s hands are different as well. Some ladies have petite hands and some do not. Just like men.
  • Everyone’s feet are different. Some come with long toes and some come with short ones.
  • Everyone’s ears are different.
  • Everyone’s noses are different.
  • Everyone’s metabolism is different.

The thing is we are created the same way, we just come out looking different. That difference does not make you ugly it makes you beautiful. There is beauty in a person who has gone through so much that they have an inner strength. There is beauty in a person who is going through so much that they are just plain tired and weak.
One of these days the Lord may bless me with a woman on who I can call beautiful. I will be her husband. She will be my bride. How I long for the day when I can see my bride and just say “Baby, you are beautiful.” And have her smile and say thank you. Then come and hug and kiss me passionately just for seeing her as she is.
When she is reminded of what others have said about her body I can say:
“I am your husband and lover..not them. I am the one who cherishes the chance to see you naked. I am the one who gets to kiss those scars you so carefully hide from everyone else. I do not have to kiss them. I want to because they are a part of who you are. I kiss them so you will know that I love even the things you consider ugly.”


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