Be Consistent With Sex

Here is another little thing I wrote 6 years ago for my Facebook page Spiritual Leaders of the Family.

Dear married couples,

Please allow me to be upfront, real and honest for a minute or two!

I always have believed that true intimacy begins outside the bedroom and is consummated in the bedroom. I still believe that to be true!

But there are a lot of married couples who believe that because they are so “in tune” with each other outside of sex that they do not need to have sex often or even at all. That goes against scripture!

Do you want a dry marriage that is barren where the well is dry and everything is wilting?

Do you want your spouse to have resentment, anger, and mistrust?

Do you want them to seek physical intimacy outside of your marriage vows and find sexual gratification elsewhere?

Do you want to get in bed one night and want to have sex but realize that you have forgotten what pleases your spouse? If so don’t have sex and then watch your marriage turn into roommate status or worse.

I believe that based on scripture that withholding sex from your spouse is a sin just as much as adultery is. And the effects are just as bad on your marriage and the emotional status of your spouse.

We have looked at one let’s look at the other.

Do you want a marriage that flourishes?

One where the well of love is so overflowing it bears fruit in all areas of your marriage? One that is rich in love, joy, peace, trust and contentment? One that says “I know what I have and want no other!”. One that can be enjoyed when you get into bed to consummate the intimacy, you share, because you are constantly getting to know your spouse and remember that new sensual spot you found the other night?

If the barren marriage sounds way too familiar to you, then, I suggest praying together about it, ask each others forgiveness and strive for a more healthier sex life. And may it lead to a flourishing marriage of joy, peace, harmony and true intimacy.

*Now granted my thoughts on sexual intimacy and intimacy in general have NOT changed in six years they have actually gotten stronger, but there is one sentence in this post I want to address real quick and it’s this one…

Do you want them to seek physical intimacy outside of your marriage vows and find sexual gratification elsewhere?

Sex should never be given just to keep your husband or wife from cheating. Sex should be willingly given out of love not because one feels they are duty bound.

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