Rape victim

WARNING! This post could be a trigger for some. It may offend some! It may bring flashbacks! But I feel the need to share this post as I have friends who have been raped! 

Desert flower

Rose are red ,violets are blue, my middle finger salutes you for taking advantage of my kindness as a weakness and for ever underestimating my every move.

I can’t wait for the day when karma screws you over. It’s about time I take matters into my own hands and turn tables.

I crave for distruction the same way you destroyed my hopes and dreams. Not a penny more nor less.

The thought of forgiving you burns my skin and curdles my blood. My tears vaporize to larva, burning for revenge.

That day I begged you to leave me alone but you were blinded by your desires. You will always be indebted to my innocence which can never be paid. You have traumatized me for life.

You tore my clothes and saw the parts of me that were sacred. Blood streaming from my forehead, my body painted in blood clots of…

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12 thoughts on “Rape victim”

  1. It may sound hateful and unforgiving to those with “pious” attitudes and especially to those who never had to battle, overcome, and move on after such a tragic experience. But the fact is that EVERY human soul is subject to disappointment, frustration, and grief. Only the mender of the broken can alleviate the pain and ultimately turn it into a testimony for the benefit of others. Until victims of rape experience this miracle we need to sympathize with, pray for, and encourage them. I know, I’ve been there.

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