Stu’s World XVIII

Man, I’ve been doing so good at work with not getting hurt and then last night while putting up the towels I hit my head on the cabinet door. Well, it bled through the band-aid so now there is blood on my pillow case. And today at work it started bleeding again…joy.

I can’t share everything with you guys. It’s just not my story to tell, though I am a part of the story. But I talked with Angie several times in the past few days. Matthew’s angelversary and his birthday are always and will always be the toughest days for her. I can hear the joy of talking about him but I can feel the sadness in her voice as well. She knows that while I am talking I do not get notifications so she sent me a picture and before we said good night she told me to check my messages.

This is what she sent…

I sent her a quick message that aww…your trying to make me cry. She sends me this back…


Oh Renee…guess who has broken the 100 comment mark?

And as a special thank you I have a book for. I would always buy extra copies of book when they went on sale at LifeWay to give away to others. This one is called 52 Things Husbands Need From Their Wives. I also have the husband version, if you think he may be interested. Shoot me your address if you would like the book/books.

Ever had that moment where you are laughing so hard no sound comes out? Yeah…

I know I shouldn’t have laughed at this but I just couldn’t help it. Wednesday at work Big D and Slim were having a banter session so when Slim turned back to me to talk about an order D flipped him off. He puts his hand down quickly as Slim turned around. But then he raised his hand and waves at Slim with a big smile. I about fell off the forklift I was laughing so hard.

I tell this next part not as a look at Stu, but as a you never know when the Lord will ask you to do something…

Friday rolls around and I feel this…this prompting to eat Chinese. It’s hot and eating that big of a meal makes me useless for the rest of the day. I had even brought lunch so I would not eat big. But that prompting wouldn’t go away.

So I start walking to the Chinese restaurant and I hear the Lord speak about a man who will ask for food. Literally…no joke. So as I near the parking lot I see a man with a duffle bag and he is pulling out some paper and a marker.

I walk past him and he says hey could you spare some change so I can get some food. I said just follow me inside and I’ll get you some food.

As we were walking to the door he stops and says I haven’t had a bath since Monday, I stink and would feel uncomfortable walking in there. I told him that they will not mind at all.

So with some coaxing I get him inside. I walk up to my waiter friend and told her the situation.

I will take my order to go…I used most of my lunch time talking with him outside…but he is dining in. As I was getting my food they set him up with a table and order his drink. I walk by to check on him. He says thank you and we shake hands. He says God bless you. I just smile and say I hope you enjoy the food and the air conditioning.

I then proceed to pay for the meals and I ask my cashier friend to allow the man that came in with me to stay in the air conditioning as long as he’s not bothering anyone. She smiles and says no problem whatsoever.

I don’t know how long he stayed or how much he ate. I just know he ate and was able to cool off for a bit. That’s what matters.

I normally do not share my acts of kindness simply because most see it as an act of selfishness of look at me. But this wasn’t me! This was predestined by God! I just followed His lead. And God blessed me by allowing me to see this man smile…maybe for the first time in weeks.

Brandon and I spent most of our night Friday building this cool Lego set…

He got a kick out of the antlers and the eagle 😊

We didn’t get home from Walmart till around 9 so we stayed up til about midnight working on it and cooking dinner. He carried the Lego set and his cokes in his backpack so the bags wouldn’t so heavy for me to carry 🙂

Saturday morning we head to the Taekwondo school. He and Erin both do great. Then they are off to watch a play and the rest of my day is spent trying to catch up on emails. Which is hard. I have three email accounts for different things and each one gets about 1000 emails a day. It doesn’t help that I only have a phone with 16gb so in order to get emails I have to delete the data from some of my apps like Facebook. So if some of you email me with a prayer request in the morning it could be that evening before it ever hits my phone. A new phone will more gb is forthcoming but after I get a car. I’m trying to stay caught up…

I did manage to get a two hour nap in before I started writing some new blog posts.

I haven’t given up on finishing the Mirror Mirror series or My Beautiful Amazing Love series or even the Naked and Unashamed series that is sitting in Limbo. But as a fellow blogger you know how our minds work and things pop into our heads about a post so you jot the idea down and before long your drafts are a mile long…ugh. Even now I’m thinking of four other ideas that popped into my head last night just by comments from other bloggers.

Last week I wrote the post about a crazy idea to possibly help other bloggers during financial tough times. So far no one has donated and that’s fine. I will be putting 25 a week back to go towards this little endeavor. Times are tough for everyone I get it…trust me.

Our bloggers prayer group is gaining new members. Thank you Brandy for the recent additions. Guys we are more than happy to pray for you even if you do not want to join the group. Feel free to email me your prayer request and I will forward it to the group.

I picked up a roommate to help save some money. He’s cool. I have invited him to Celebrate Recovery and he wants to go. That’s a plus. He has a little girl who is almost two 🙂 I haven’t met her yet. He stays to himself for the most part and doesn’t not interfere with my father & son time with Brandon.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great week!

God bless!

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  1. God still speaks Stu! And I don’t think you are being vain by sharing your experience. I think it encourages others to listen to those small simple promptings of God’s Spirit! And 😁 I’m all for winning things….So sorry I’m late in seeing this…You know what they say, better late than never? Forgive me brother! Email sent.

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