Stu’s World XVII

So much has been on my heart this week…

So many thoughts about life in general. Some of those thoughts are forthcoming in the form of posts. Some may be hidden in award or tag questions and answers, if I receive any more this year. If not I may do a smorgasbord type of post and just let it all out. That would weird 😂

One person has been on my mind the most this week and that’s Angie. Tomorrow marks the seven year anniversary of her son Matthew leaving this Earth and going to be with Jesus.

Tomorrow you get to read a small little tribute I wrote to Matthew five years ago. A young man that both Angie and I truly wish I had gotten to the chance to meet in person.

I feel as if he is my own son at times because when Angie talks about him I am right there living the memory with her. This young man left a legacy that many adults can only dream of. What a blessing Matthew was to his friends and family 😊

We’ve been able to talk a few times this week. Her mom is doing good it’s just that her hand is swollen really bad. Her job is going great.

Brandon was supposed to go to Baton Rouge with his momma but there was a death in the family. So after the wake he comes over to stay the night…well the whole weekend this time. Except for the 5 hours I had to work Saturday for inventory…blahhh…

Being silly

We had fun just talking and watching movies. We slept in today though. I got to wake up at 8 so an extra four hours of sleep 😎.

Well…last night he has a question. And it was a serious one. It was about sex.

But here’s the thing that got my attention…it wasn’t the question…it was a statement he made.

Here we go…

Dad, can I ask you a question?

Of course you can.

I feel sort of weird asking.

Why do you feel weird asking me anything?

It’s just the topic that makes me feel weird and talking about it makes me sort of uncomfortable.

Oh, so it’s about sex?


Why is that weird?

Well, why ask you questions about sex when I can just find the answers on YouTube?

Boom! The look on my face. I quickly corrected myself and said yes, you could BUT watching others have sex will give you false information about sex.

Then we had the argument over whether it was real sex or not…ughhh.

I explained to him that I had a problem with porn for decades and that it really does give false information. I said I’m speaking from experience son. Don’t look it up. Just ask me and I will be honest in my answers.

He asked his question and I answered. Then he immediately changed the subject 😂😂 I then changed the settings on our YouTube account!

Yesterday I threw out the idea to help other bloggers who may need some financial assistance via PayPal. I know not everyone deals with PayPal so I am pondering other ways to donate to this cause for those so inclined. I believe this can work even if only a few are behind it. So please pray with me about this endeavor.

Please pray for Angie tomorrow as the mom in her will come out while she grieves in her way.

Continue praying for my car situation. I believe I may have found one. Lord please!!!

Speaking of prayer…our little prayer group is growing so if you would like to join and have other bloggers praying for you please send me an email at

I really feel the need to apologize for not being able to read everyone’s post like I used to. My email is flooded with like a thousand emails daily due to some blogs that post like a bunch of posts in a day. And many of your posts are not showing up in my reader for the same reason. Often I have to view my likes on my posts and hit your blog to just to see if you have written anything new lately. And of course there are those days where I leave work go to the Taekwondo school and get home around 8 and fall asleep on the couch in like twenty minutes 😦 I really feel bad that I don’t/can’t read as much as I want to! Please forgive me.

Everyone have a great week!

14 thoughts on “Stu’s World XVII”

  1. Will be praying for Angie and hope you get that car! 🙏🏼 And I am right there with you on being way behind on posts…I’m not seeing some bloggers in my notifications. Hope that idea kicks off to help others! Much prayer!

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  2. I pray comfort for Angie as she grieves her great loss. I am thankful she can share this with you, as the experiences of life are best worked through when we don’t have to go it alone. It is evident that you and Brandon are gifts in each other’s lives, and your exchange transparent. God bless you all as you walk through this week. ♥

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