Seven Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men: Day 4

Here is today’s devotional:

It’s so easy to get stuck in the lie that God wants something from us, not for us. Maybe it’s your freedom or your fun or your money. You may even have spent entire seasons of your life rejecting God because you didn’t want his rules to ruin your fun.

In today’s verse, Jesus is telling his crowd of listeners that this mentality is backwards. It’s the “thief” that ruins and destroys. Maybe the thief is a career that drains you. Maybe it’s a culture that says you need to gamble your future to pay for a bunch of stuff you don’t need.

Maybe it’s your past, whispering that you’re still not good enough. Whatever it is for you, it’s there to steal your life.

Jesus came to give your life meaning and purpose. He’s not interested in taking anything away from you.

So our question for today is: Why am I here?

It’s built into us to want our lives to matter, to want to leave a legacy. The problem is, when most men define a meaningful life, their definitions don’t extend much beyond career and money.

So today, let’s consider a more complete picture of the full and meaningful life God wants for you. Here are five big buckets to think about. What would a full life be for you in each of these areas?

  • Self: What kind of emotions do you want to be known for? What do you want your physical health to be at age 70?
  • Marriage: What do you want your marriage to look like in 30 years?
  • Family: What kind of future relationship do you want to have with your grown children? Your siblings? Your parents?
  • Work: Am I doing what God has uniquely called me to do? Or is my daily work at least getting me to a place where I’m free to pursue that?
  • The Church: How am I participating in what God is up to in the world?


Spend time writing down your definition of a full life in each of the five areas outlined above. We’ll tackle next steps tomorrow.

Here is the scripture referenced:

The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.
John 10:10 KJV

Here are Stu’s thoughts:

Self: I actually do want to be known as a man who shows his emotions. Because if my emotions are held in check I can’t truly share the love of God to a world that so desperately needs it. Also I want my children to know that it’s ok to show them. And in order to be naked & unafraid in a relationship emotions must be shared openly.

As far as the age thing goes I’m almost 52 and I still act and feel like a teen at times so in twenty years I’ll be acting like I’m still a teen at heart with the health of a thirty year old 😊

Marriage: At this juncture in my life I’m not sure I will remarry. I would love to be married even now so that in 30 years we could look back and see how much love we have given and still have for one another as our lives mature in the Lord. And that our lives are better because of our marriage!

Family: Family is a strange thing. I still have the love of my family but it is the no- bloodline family that means the most to me. I want to still have a great relationship with my kids of course and to watch them grow into adulthood healthy with wisdom.

Work: I may not feel as if I am doing what God called me to do. I was called to be a youth pastor many many years ago and ran due to my hidden sin. But because of that hidden sin there is a calling on my life. And I do that, though I feel I could be doing more like maybe a sex therapist that deals with addiction. And where I am currently employed God opened the door so there is a purpose that is more than just monetary.

Church: God is not up in Heaven defending himself against those who do not believe in Him. God doesn’t need us to defend Him either. He’s God. We are called to share Christ and Him crucified. That is our job as the church and taking care of each other along the way.

The devil has stolen enough. It’s time to take back what was stolen…

The joy…

The peace…

The self worth…

The broken homes…

The broken marriages…

The lost souls…

One prayer at a time…

One conversation at a time…

One day at time…

One redeemed soul at a time…

One restored marriage at a time…

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