Seven Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men: Day 3

Here is today’s devotional:

Did your high school yearbook include “senior superlatives”—silly distinctions like “most likely to succeed” or “most athletic?” These are usually decided by a rather unscientific class vote. But what was true back in high school is true now: it feels good to have a gift that others recognize.

Your classmates may not be the most reliable crowd for recognizing your strengths and gifts, but your heavenly father is.

So today’s question is: Who am I?

Spending some energy identifying your strengths and gifts not only makes it easier to recognize opportunities to use them, it will also release you from envy. God didn’t design you to be your co-worker who’s better at public speaking or your cycling partner who always bests your time. He gifted you uniquely and exactly for the job he’s set before you.

Here’s a framework to help you begin identifying your unique D.E.S.I.G.N.

  • Drives: What excites you? What fires you up?
  • Experiences: What experiences make you unique from other men?
  • Spirituality: How do you best connect with God?
  • Impact: What arena do you feel most compelled to impact?
  • Genius: What do you do repeatedly, successfully, happily?
  • Nature: What is your personality? Extrovert, introvert, structured, spontaneous?


Write down your answers to each of the D.E.S.I.G.N. questions. Ask God to bring you opportunities this week to put these gifts to good use for him.

Here are the scriptures referenced:

I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
Psalms 139:14 KJV

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith;
Romans 12:6 KJV

Here are Stu’s thoughts…

Drive: What drives me is sort of a hard question to answer at times. For there are times where I have no drive whatsoever. Some days it just a struggle getting out of bed. And then I’ll hear from a friend and my outlook will change. What keeps me going are my kids.

Experiences: I wouldn’t say my experiences in life make me uniquely different. What makes me different is that I’m not afraid to talk about them openly and honestly.

Spirituality: I connect best with God through music and prayer 😊

Impact: The area I want to impact is the hearts of men. To help them realize the true value of women and to quit treating them like a toy or prize to be won and then tossed to the side.

Genius: I’m no genius. But I do know more than I should about some things. I’m most happy when I am on the phone with either Angie or a young man who is struggling with something. Being able to listen brings me joy.

Nature: Ha, I am a mixture of all. It just depends on the situation or topic being discussed.

But the thing about my design is that I am me. There was a time in my life where I was envious of others and what they had or could do. But thank God he cured me of that. I am Stu. There is not another person like me in the entire universe…thank goodness 😂

The gifts God has given me are to be used for my calling on my life. My experiences, whether bad or good are to be shared to bring glory to God for what He has done in my life.

Your gifts and experiences are yours to share. We may have similar gifts and even similar experiences but they are still uniquely ours because of the way we process and share.

So please be the person God created you to be and not what the world, your best friend or even your spouse wants you to be.

8 thoughts on “Seven Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men: Day 3”

    1. I’m glad you liked this one Ryan. It’s difficult at times to actually self evaluate one’s self. That was the hardest part of the 12-step program for me.

      And what’s weird is that many of us have the same gifts we just use them differently because we ARE different.

      May His will be done indeed brother!

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