A Crazy Idea To Help Others In Need.

Another blogger and I have been emailing about other peoples needs and how we can help. Not necessarily as individuals but as a whole community. And most of you know there is a blogging prayer group that I started and in said group we share prayer requests. And some of those requests are for other people.

And I also read other bloggers posts, when I can, and have come across many who have needs that need to be met. I am sure there are bloggers out there that I do not follow that you follow that have needs that they themselves can not meet.

So here is my crazy idea. I say crazy because it’s the only think I could think of that might work. But it will take your trust. Here’s why I say that…

I have two emails attached to my PayPal account. One for work and one for well me. And since the company I work for still gives out checks without the option of direct deposit that work email is sort of useless at moment. So…

What I was thinking is this…

If any of you would like to donate funds into this PayPal account please feel free to email me and I will send the information. For those who do donate I will be sending out a statement of sorts based on what comes out of the account to help those in need.

As of right now there are mortgages that need to get paid, refrigerators that need replacing, families without a steady income that just need food for their family, utilities need paying, prescriptions that are needed, etc…

When a need shows up money will be sent to assist to that person’s PayPal account or the bill may be paid via PayPal. That depends on the company. Then an email will be sent to those who have donated to let them know where the money went with a screen shot of the transaction. I will not share the who part unless given permission by said person.

I’m not talking strangers…I’m talking about our blogging community. Our friends that have stood by us, prayed for us, maybe even supported financially need our help.

IF we unite we can make a difference!

Thoughts on the subject? Better idea? Please feel free to comment, email me or even text me 318-334-7210 (now I’m trusting you with my phone number)

Crazy right!?!?

19 thoughts on “A Crazy Idea To Help Others In Need.”

  1. I think this is a great idea Stuart…….is there a way it can be done without using PayPal? I know, weird question but we don’t use credit cards, PayPal or anything like that. Thank you so much in advance.

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