More Freedom In Forgiving?

I started reading a new YourVersion Bible plan today. It is called Seven Questions That Rattle In The Minds Of Most Men.

I read day one right after work…🤔

I read day two just now and it has made me come to realize that there are still people I need to forgive. I don’t mean calling them on the phone but taking this person and that person the God and letting Him know that I forgive them for things that happened in my younger years.

I, of course, did not lead the “normal” life growing up. What the heck is normal anyway?!?

But anyway.

I have forgiven the girl who basically attacked me sexually in her bedroom that time.

I have called many of the women I have slept with, because we are still friends, asking their forgiveness. Once a friend always a friend to Stu.

But there are some guys that this little Bible study brought to my attention that I had forgotten about.

Yes, I have forgiven the ones who molested me. But I don’t ever remember me sitting down in prayer and saying you know God, I forgive so and so for this and so and so for that action. I have asked for forgiveness for my own part in these scenarios. These…these…scenarios that led me further down the rabbit hole of porn and the sexual lifestyle I had in my late teens to my late thirties. And since the Lord brought these men and women to my mind tonight…it’s time to forgive and let go of the ties that may still affect who I am today.

I believe a new chapter in my life is about to open in the forgiveness realm 😊

And a new Bible study to share with you guys.

8 thoughts on “More Freedom In Forgiving?”

  1. Forgiveness really is a journey Stu. SO glad we are on this path together. It isn’t about the past; forgiveness is always about the future. By releasing the past to Jesus on an ongoing basis we are able to receive the future He desires for us.
    Takes time though and the hardest one, I find, is forgiving ourselves for how we injured ‘us’ in the addiction. This is something only an addict can fully grasp.
    When we are caught in that abusive cycle against our own bodies, we are both the victim and the abuser against ourselves. That is hard for anyone to wrap their head around. This is why forgiveness is something we need a lot of help with. Jesus really does understand and will help us through this process for His is committed to our sobriety and more.
    Standing with you!
    Homer Les

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    1. Thanks for standing with me Homer. I stand with you also 😊

      Yes, only an addict would understand how injured we truly become. And it can take years for those injuries to go away in all three areas..the mental, physical and spiritual.

      Thank you for the wonderful addition to the post!

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  2. Another way God is so different from us, and another way we cannot comprehend God: who would think that forgiveness is the pathway to that much spiritual freedom, that much peace and joy??? God does. That’s why we must take Him at His Word, and obey Him in all things. There is so much to know about God, that He leads each of us in our own paths to learn and understand His Ways. And He uses His children (or donkeys or whatever 😜) for His purposes so that we may know Him.

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