Sunday Music: Rez Band | I Think You Know

This is the song that has been stuck in my head for over a month now. I just randomly start singing the chorus at work. Weird…but not really. This is me we are talking about.

I know the meaning behind the song. A marriage torn apart by selfishness and greed. Then the wife changes. She goes to God for strength, answers and comfort. The husband can not help but notice the change in her.

But will he stay…or will he leave.

The living God living inside his wife via the Holy Spirit, how can he not see there is someone else that loves and cares for him? How can he not see there is something else besides porn, fame, that new car, and the approval of other that can satisfy that ever longing hole in his heart? A hole that only the creator can fill!

I’m not married, nor am I dating anyone. I have someone I love. I’m good with that, but…

My life is not near as close to God as it should be.

See, I know there is something/someone else. His name is Jesus. I haven’t been following him as closely as I should.

I don’t wake up every morning happy and shouting yoo-hoo thank you Jesus for another day. Nope, I’m almost the complete opposite. And yet with everyday that I am blessed to live, there is a purpose for my existence. So when I wake up I just go with it.

Do I read my Bible everyday? No, I don’t. I take breaks cuz I just don’t feel like reading regardless of what the message is.

I do pray every day. Simply for the fact I screw up enough to where I have to be in prayer almost constantly. Because the more I pray the more I see my mess ups. Plus I have pray requests that must be brought to the throne. I will never say I am praying for someone and then not pray.

I walked a life I would wish on no one EVER when I was living in sin…porn, sex and alcohol never filled that emptiness I felt.

I think you know who has filled that emptiness inside me. If you guess God then you are right. If you guessed Angie then you be partly right but without God our relationship wouldn’t even be in existence. He orchestrated the whole thing.

God IS the only one who can fill that emptiness inside you! Not another person or thing…just God!

If you would like to know more about God/Jesus/Holy Spirit send me an email at I’ll be more than happy to share with you more about Him and what He has done in my life. Heck, look me up on Twitter or Facebook even. I don’t care which avenue you use. Just reach out and gain knowledge of who God is and how He can change your life!

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