September | Changing Of Seasons Tag

Purple Rose, thank you so much for tagging me. I so love doing these tags that you and D created ❤ You guys rock👊

Here are the rules:

1. Thank the person who tagged you and link their post to yours.

2. Link the original post so the creators can read them 😊

3. Use the original featured image and include it in your post.
4. Copy and paste the meaning of the tag into your post.
The Meaning of this Tag:
Change can be difficult and heart-breaking, but it can also cause the greatest turning points in our lives. As the season begins to change for many of us in September, let’s reflect on the
changes in our life, good and bad. It’s good to be honest with ourselves and see what changes still need to be made. It is also important to recognize the seasons in our life so we cherish them despite what comes with them. We hope you enjoy this tag, that it inspires you and reminds you that much like the world around us, we go through beautiful changes too.

5. Answer the questions.

6. Tag at least one person.

7. Have fun and enjoy the rest of your month! ❤

Here are the questions:
1. Of all the fall/autumn color shades (reds, yellows, oranges, etc.), which shade is your favorite?

Dark orange 🙂
2. What fall/autumn scent is your favorite?

As weird as this may sound…I can’t stand pumpkin spice or junk like that. I love just walking in the woods and smell the decaying leaves mixed in with a small hint of cypress. Yeah, I spent a lot of time in the woods growing up. Those scents bring back some great memories for me 🙂
3. What is your favorite fall/autumn drink?

Hazelnut Coffee 😂
4. What big life changes have you recently experienced?

Well, there the no car thing…which freaking sucks.

Then there was Angie coming to visit me after two years. Which has been a true blessing.
5. How do you cope with life changes?

I roll with them the best I can considering the change. I pray about them always expecting God to provide. At times, I will admit I feel unworthy of His provisions. And here’s why I say that. Despite the forgiveness of my past I still feel unworthy of His Mercy…
6. Who is the person you trust most?

Angie…without a doubt❤ Because of our friendship over the years she knows me better than I know myself. She knows everything about my past and has always been the one I go to when I need to talk things through. 😊
7. What would be a question you’d be afraid to tell the truth on?

D, this is such a hard question for me. I’ve always tried to be upfront and honest about my struggles and life over the years. I don’t think there is a question I would be afraid to answer truthfully. Now granted I’m sure I would lose some of my readers if the questions were geared towards sexual encounters or techniques…but I would still answer honestly.

I would also share my personal thoughts on scripture even if it goes against what others perceive it to mean.

Good question 🙂

This month I am tagging…


Renee (I know you’ve been tagged already, but since we have been saying how our season of tears will bring a season of change I figured you wouldn’t mind 😊)



Have a great week everyone 👊

16 thoughts on “September | Changing Of Seasons Tag”

  1. Yay!!! I’m so glad you enjoy our tags so much. I love all of your answers. I don’t blame you on the scents, sometimes they can be overwhelming. What you said about Angie is so sweet and I’ll bet she feels the same! The last question is definitely a hard one and it shows where we are in our journey in life. Thank you so much for participating! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you liked the answers sis! I believe she does ❤ What can I say…I love her 😊
      I prefer natural scents over man made ones any day…though cucumber melon is pretty good 🙂

      Yeah, it was a doozy of a question. I have pondered that question since I read yours that day and even more so after your mom tagged me

      Liked by 1 person

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