Come On God, When Will My Breakthrough Come?

How many times have you prayed for a breakthrough, in whatever you are going through, wondering when it was coming?

How many times have you looked at that, sometimes, overwhelming brick wall and have wondered if any of those bricks are going to fall so you can at least some light?

I know I have. It sucks I tell you.

But you know something…there is this story found in a book that is usually found laying around somewhere in almost every house in the country. My book is on my table in front of my couch and if you opened it up there will be stuff highlighted and things written along the edges of certain pages dating back to my high school years.

This one story, in said book, I want to share with you is about a group of people who are trying to get to a land promised to them by God.

Getting there was a difficult journey for these folks, as there were a lot of obstacles along the way. To be frank about it…most of the folks that started this journey, one that lasted forty years, did not live to see it come to fruition.

But along the way lessons were learned, much like this one that they learned while bringing down the walls of Jericho. This is a lesson we can all relate too.

Here they are, the Israelites, looking at a formidable city which is fortified by what seems to be an unimpenertratable wall and God says…”See, I have delivered Jericho into your hands.”

God, then goes on to tell them exactly what must be done, in what order and for how long. The thing that caught my attention is that they did not even question it.

I mean come on, what would you do if God told you to simply walk around the walls of Jericho blowing on a horn for seven days, but on the seventh day, walk around it seven times, then shout when the trumpets are blown longer and the wall will crumple?

I know that I, for one, would be questioning some things…like how the heck will that make the wall come down for starters. But they didn’t. They just did what God said and viola the wall came down. They took the city by following God’s instructions.

Now, I know we can’t walk around our walls/struggles blowing trumpets and expect them to magically disappear but I do know that when we follow God’s plan things happen. It may take years of following His plan before we see anything happen but when it does…wow!

Prayer is a means of finding his plan. Reading the book, called the Holy Bible with the story of Jericho, which is found in Joshua chapter 6, is a way to find his plan and get guidance. Listening to other Godly men and women is a way of staying on track. Heeding that still small voice that says do this and actually doing it is key, even if it is blowing horns while walking around a wall or digging ditches.

Yeah, God asks us to do some weird stuff at times but if we will commit our ways to Him, He will establish our path and give us the breakthrough we so desperately need.


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