Sunday Music: Rez Band | Don’t Walk On

I have been reminded of this song several times over the last couple of weeks. One instance was Renee’s post An Emotional Wreck? it’s Me Oh Lord!.

Another instance was at work when a young black woman asked me for change. I told her I didn’t have any at the moment but I would give her some if she followed me to the store. I bought my drink and snack and handed her the change from the 10 bill. She was so thankful for that she gave me a hug.

The other time was with Brandon as he saw an elderly lady pushing her shopping cart out of Wal-Mart. He said daddy, I’ll be right back. I knew what he was fixing to do ❤ This is just Brandon. He pushes the shopping cart for her and then loads her groceries into her car for her.

I also see these “random” acts of kindness all time with the homeless on the corners with their signs or the young woman at the gas station with her kids tow asking for help. People really do help others.

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I watching some videos on YouTube and ran across one where they were filming a young mother and her two children having to split a quesadilla because that was all the money she had. The kids were upset that they always had to share food when they went out. And it was the boys birthday and he wanted cake but mom couldn’t afford it.

It was a great video. Well… heck here it is. Watch and cry like I did…

As bad as this world is THERE are still people who do not just walk on by people in need!

Do you walk on?

9 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Rez Band | Don’t Walk On”

    1. I’ve been in tears most of the day for various reasons. Listening to this song and I Think You Know which I will be sharing soon, thinking of Angie and what she is going through with her leg, her mom’s surgery and the anniversary of her son being called home coming up in two weeks! And that video last night got me too…I wouldn’t be able to walk on by either! I’ve been there and I know how it feels.

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      1. I know God must be up to something with all these tears here lately…and I forgot to mention that Brandon is a good kid! You raised him well….Will continue with the prayers for Angie-all around- with her mom and the anniversary of her son’s passing. 😥

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