Sunday Music: King & Country | God Only Knows

This goes out to all my blogging friends who have chosen to stop blogging because of words spoken.

This goes out to everyone because only God knows what each of us have gone through to get to where we are today. Only God knows truly how we feel about situations in our lives.

Please know that you answer to no one in the blogging world. You answer to God. And if for some reason He wants you to share a weird dream you had, a vision on peace, a desire for the world to change, how your child drew all over the walls in his room, or even what you had for dinner because your family loved it, then write about it. It’s your blog.

Don’t let the naysayers tell you that you are worthless and have no value! Don’t let them tell you shouldn’t be writing about the things that you do. Nine times out of ten that story was not meant for them anyway, it was meant for the person who NEEDED it! God knows!

Please be kind to one another my fellow bloggers. This world is cruel enough…

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