Sunday Music: Resurrection Band: Broken Promises

I hope y’all are in the mood for some good ole Jesus Music!!

Resurrection/Rez Band has been as vital of a music ministry in my life as Stryper has. It’s just that I heard Rez first back in 1982 and they go back to the Jesus Movement that started in the late 60’s and ended in the late 70’s. They were part of the original Jesus Freaks ❤

Broken Promises is a prodigal song that has teared me up from day one. Even when I fighting God this song ALWAYS got me but my selfishness would always triumph. Sadly that came with a LOT of consequences 😦

But the prodigal did come home 🙂 Now, I’m ready to follow you Jesus!! Though none go with me…

This song is off their first album that was released in 1978 and yeah, I had the LP, then the cassette tape and then the CD. Never could find an 8-track for it though.

To be honest many of their songs have playing in my head over and over and over again for the past few weeks.

Sooo…for the next few months of Sundays I want to highlight one song…maybe two…of theirs. I hope you guys do not mind 🙂

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