Sunday Music: Sacred Warrior | Slave

There is always a story behind every song…

One day last year, our guitarist Bruce Swift heard a radio interview of a woman who was personally involved in rescuing children caught in sex slavery and exploitation in Asia. One story about a young boy was particularly heart-wrenching, as she had trailed him and watched him be passed around by his owner to dozens of men, for all hours of the days and night, every day of the week.

Eventually that little boy was rescued, but there are millions more victims who suffer day and night in confinement, coercion, emotional and physical abuse, and unbelievable degradation as they are bought and sold like cattle and made to do filthy, unspeakable acts by their exploiters.

We had to do something. This gave birth to the ideas and music for “Slave”–an evocative, epic metal anthem that we hope will seize your heart, dance across the theater of your mind, and compel you to partner with us.

We were overwhelmed by the problem. But, we knew that we could do something to help those in our own back yard who are picking up these broken, beautiful lives and helping them heal from their past and prepare for a new future. Through God’s amazing providence, we were put into contact with Naomi’s House, a ministry of Chicago’s Moody Church. Naomi’s House will be a residence in the suburbs of Chicago where female victims of sexual trafficking and exploitation can find shelter, relief, safety, peace, and hope for a future no longer destroyed by their past. Their mission statement is “To provide lifelong hope and healing through long-term, residential comprehensive care for women who have suffered sexual exploitation.” You can read more about the amazing vision of Naomi’s House at their website here: Renovations on a purchased house and property are almost complete, and its first residents will hopefully arrive by late summer! Aside from finishing expenses for the multi-unit residence, hiring of staff and operating expenses all contribute to a large financial need for the upcoming year. This is why we need your help.

So, we ask you to join us in doing our small part amid the storm of this worldwide holocaust of broken lives. We have created “Slave” for you to download and listen to free of charge, but we ask you to not be satisfied with merely hearing about the problem and enjoying the song without also taking action. Will you help us, as we help those right here in our neighborhoods?

Please join me in continuing to pray for those who are victims of sex trafficking! Pray for the kids in YOUR neighborhood. It does happen in your town…

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