Stu’s World XII

I’m just not feeling it right now! I don’t know why. But it’s just not there.

Maybe I’m just too tired. Could be depression. It’s not like I don’t have a gazillion things I want to share with you all. They are just not coming together.

I have like 27 drafts and all on different subjects. Well not really…they’re about life…but still different topics and I can’t seem to finish them.

The thing is I used to write posts like maybe three days a week. Then I went to 4, 5, 6 and then 7 days a week. It’s hard.

I think that’s part of the reason I love the tags and awards so much. They give my brain somewhat of a break…even though I do have a tendency to ask hard questions sometimes. Sorry…not sorry…

I think part of my problem is seeing Angie again. Because when she left that Sunday morning to check on her mom I knew…I knew that seeing her would hurt. Well not seeing her…but rather the watching her drive away.

Once I turned around to go into the house I knew…seeing her would make me miss her more. And I do!

Call me weird. I don’t care. That was like the hardest hug ever to let go of 😦 I shared with Renee in a comment section why mine and Angie’s love is so strong. And the sacrifice we both made to end our relationship almost three years ago for our kids.

So yeah, I do believe there is some depression involved.

And work is just so draining. Being out in this heat all day with sweat running down my back, chest, legs and dripping off my head to the concrete wears me out, no matter how much water I drink. I think it gets sweated out before it can even hit my stomach.

But one the guys cracked me up this week. I was eating my Chinese and he looked over at the other guy’s lunch and goes oh look Stu is eating Chinese and you are eating Blackenese. I about spit out my food 😁

It is such a joy working with these guys!

Brandon just did his pretesting for his Black belt Saturday morning…and passed. So he is officially ready to test for his black belt. So proud of him.

He does have a few things to improve on. But he has agreed to really focus on his weak areas for the next few weeks until the real testing!

He did this to me last night…

My outward seal saying I belong to God to go with the one on the inside 😊

So I did this…

Shhh…he doesn’t know I did this, but I couldn’t resist. He’s just too cute when he’s sleeping.

I saw this photo on Facebook the other day…

Such a simple prayer and yet says it all, doesn’t it?

Speaking of prayer…

I have a prayer request for a dear friend of mine and her son. No names for privacy issues, as she is a fellow Blogger, but her son tried to commit suicide.

I was able to talk to him a little today in person. There is a lot going on in this young man’s life. And he needs prayer for guidance, clarity and the ability to stay strong as he has a newborn baby in his life.

Pray the Lord touches his heart and mind please! And that the Lord gives his mom strength, patience and understanding. This is a tough time for all involved.

Please continue to pray for Angie and this new season of life she is in. I want her to be happy and not so stressed out to the point of another stroke.

And while asking you all to pray for her, Angie called to let me know she got a new job offer from a law firm. And she accepted πŸŽ‰ I’m so happy for her because this is the job she wanted 😊

Let us continue to pray for one another. We all could use some prayer.

So this week I challenge each and every one us to pray for the person who’s blog we are reading throughout the day. There is power in prayer. I promise!

Have a great week everyone 😊

43 thoughts on “Stu’s World XII”

  1. I know the feeling…I have so many drafts…just lying there waiting to be finished…but I just don’t have it right now…and so much to share with you guys..I think maybe we are all feeling a little off kilter, by a lot of the posts I’ve been reading. Even in my own spirit, it feels like something is up. Spiritual warfare maybe? I’m so glad to hear of Angie’s new job offer! That is wonderful! And Brandon is gonna get you for that one! That was a good one he painted on you though! πŸ˜„

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    1. Well, I know the enemy hates us speaking the truth. I am sure the spiritual warfare is part of it. I am just so happy for her and honored that I was called to let me know the Lord answered our prayers!

      Oh, I’m sure he will 😁

      I loved the cross and of course it had to be done in his favorite color.

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  2. I love that photo of your peacefully sleeping son and the one from Facebook-
    May I share that on my blog?

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  3. Don’t worry about forcing yourself to blog. Even God hasn’t given it, maybe He wants the pause. There’s always room for praise. Regardless of what we feel, He is always worthy of praise. Just follow His lead. Let Him minister to you!
    Praying for each of you! Including the young man and his mom.
    And praising God for Angie’s good news! πŸ™‚
    He loves you, Stu! He really does! Always! Even when you’re not feeling it.
    My prayer will be for Weaving Simplicity as I was reading her beautiful blog today!
    Praise all over the page!

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  4. One thing I completely understand is when you run out of motivation on the blog, it’s out! But there’s nothing wrong with that! I went through a while feeding completely empty. But the Lord helped me through. And He will do the same for you, Stu!

    Brother I know how you feel too about Angie. And your heart and mind are on her right now. Take this time to pray and seek God! I’m praying for you and your prayer requests!

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  5. I concur with all the comments above Stu. Love the pics, the thoughts and I’m sorry your heart is feeling achy even now. I do have lots of drafts and topics sitting down but I trust that God will weave them altogether in His time. I like your idea of praying for a blogger this week. Maybe we should have a raffle of some sorts for an entire year where each week we get a blogger’s name to lift them in prayers. Don’t know how the kinks would work out since we are in cyber space but if it could, that’d be great!

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      1. Make it happen my IT brother! Can you imagine being intentionally prayed for ALL year by 52 different people – amazing!

        β€œWe” need to be patient, we are in this patient boat waiting for God to row us to our varying destinations πŸ˜‰

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          1. Yay!
            Sign me up to pray. Maybe we could have the blogger put a specific thing (maybe 52 things) that could be raffled off. Wow! Just the thought seems so large – we could have a computer generated system that sorts and issues – I have no idea how it would work out but it would be so nice.

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  6. “Come to Me Stu, you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. 29 Take My yoke upon you Stu, and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and Stu, you will find rest for your soul…..Matthew 11:28-29

    “Sometimes” even with the best intentions and desire to align with and walk according to the will of the Lord, we put too much on our plates. If you haven’t I have, but the Lord taught me better. I learned a painful lesson that truly we can overload ourselves. I believe that comes from wanting to make up for lost time, or make up for all the time we used our efforts and energy to “do us” and not God! But the Lord doesn’t work like that! He meets us where we are, does a work in us, and then sets us on His path to do and follow as He leads, not looking backwards.

    Blessings Brother Stu!!

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  7. I’m with you. I’m writing… processing and having plenty to share but am drained myself. I get it and I’m with you. Some times we need a break and then we have to just put ourselves and get back to it. Im praying for you!

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