Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?


Harlot, prostitute and whore, these are some of the older terms that have been used to describe people who practice certain sexual activities outside the bonds of marriage. I am sure that those terms could be used to describe certain spouses back in the day as well.

Now-a-days we use the term slut or sexually deviant more frequently than harlot and whore. There is also a term that most have never heard of before and that is a strumpet. All of these are harsh words; we use to describe a person who has promiscuous sexual activity, usually for cash. But it can be used to acquire things such as drugs or other favors up to and including just plain sexual gratification. All reference a person involved in fornication, except for the person paying for said sex. They are called Johns.

On both sides of the equation are victims. Some may not actually view either as a victim but I can attest to the fact…they are.

You have these women who want to become a model or actress. They want the lime-light. They want to be famous. So how does it start? Many respond to ads online that say free airfare to so and so…apply now.

The models can wind up with the wrong type of business manager who sees dollar signs. They set them up with steamy photo shoots and the clothing becomes less and less to the point where there is no clothing at all. Do they so no? Maybe…maybe not. But for those that say no, I am sure their manager tells them they will never work again if they do say no. These managers become “pimps” by exploiting these women or men and their bodies. And the innocent model, looking for fame, turns into a paper porn star.

Many want out quickly only to find out that they are stuck, as the free airfare did not say roundtrip. If they leave…they do so broke. I heard one story the other day of a girl who made a butt ton of cash only to end up with a little over two grand because these girls have to buy their own make-up and lingerie for the shoots.

And then you have the aspiring actress or actor that comes to town looking for the spotlight. Finds an ad and responds. Goes to the agent’s office and signs on the dotted line without ever truly reading the contract. Only to find out that the contract is one that will require their very soul. They are now an adult actress/actor, shedding his or her clothes and having sex for pay.

Are they victims? Some are and some are not. Some know what they are getting into and yet others are coerced and/or forced. Those are the true victims of the adult industry.

Regardless of their way of becoming what they turned into, they have clients/johns. You know who they are. It is the guys and girls who buy the magazines and movies. It is the ones who sit at the computer or on their phone and click on the links searching for that perfect scene with the perfect shot. These are the johns…paying for their services in one form or another.

Can these clients/johns be victims? Many say they are not but I differ in opinion. The definition of the term victim is (1) a person who suffers from a destructive or injurious action or agency and (2) a person who is deceived or cheated, as by his or her own emotions or ignorance, by the dishonesty of others, or by some impersonal agency. So…going by said definition…yes, they can be victims.

Now, I am not talking about the ones driving around in their car looking to score. Those johns are not victims. They know exactly what they are doing both physically and mentally.

I am talking about the ones looking at the mags and the movies. Some of these truly are victims as some were molested in their younger years. And the only way for them to deal with the pain is to go deeper into the thing that hurt them…sexual fantasies.

Others run across porn completely by accident on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram, WhatsApp, or just searching for things on their computer. There are so many ways to become a john now. And though most sites are “free” you still have to pay your internet bill. So yes, they are being paid for their services.

And since the porn industry does not care about anything except the mighty dollar, they do not care who runs across one of their sites or sees the cover of one of their magazines…even a nine year old. They are most certainly an impersonal agency.

Sad when you have a victim hurting another victim of the system without even realizing what they are doing to each other. I believe that, aside from the lack of God in their lives, is where part of the problem is. Neither side realizes the damage being done to the other.

The porn addict does not fully understand what goes on behind the scenes during a “scene” for a film. Much less, how those scenes affect the actor/actress when they go home for the day. As many turn to drugs and alcohol to dumb the pain both physically and mentally.

And most porn stars do not realize that they are literally killing the person who is watching or looking at their product. They are not only hurting the viewer but the viewer’s girlfriend/wife, children, career, body, mind and soul.

Can these harlots and johns be saved from the devastating grip of an industry that does not care about either one’s well-being? Is there hope? I say the answer is YES!

Praying for them is a start. But prayer is not the end all means of releasing them from their bondage. Do not get me wrong as I truly believe in the power of prayer but there must be action as well. And I am NOT talking about bashing them over the head with Bible, calling them out, or anything to that affect. We have enough “Christians” doing that for us. I am talking about reaching out to them in love.

Did you know that you can email a porn star and just let them know that you are praying for them without demeaning them in any form or fashion? You can actually email them your pray so they can actually read it and possibly say it out loud.

Heck, you can even walk down your street in prayer for all the women and men who are struggling behind closed doors. Your prayers will be heard and have a positive impact as about half of the men on your street view porn on a regular basis. And it is about one third for women at moment and climbing.

If you have struggled and are having victory are you sharing your story with others?

Are you offering the porn addict an ear and a heart that they can share their issues to?

If not you should be…marriages are at stake! Families are at stake! The future is at stake!

Would you please join me in praying for the harlots and the johns as well as speaking out against pornography and its effects? Will you join me in being an ear to a hurting soul?

God Bless guys,


10 thoughts on “Is There Hope For The Harlots And Johns?”

  1. I approach this very humbly. I know what it’s like to be a porn addict. And I can understand how intriguing it is to be in a porn film. Let’s be honest here, a young man in the world today, who wouldn’t love getting paid to partake of pretty ladies? Perfect job right? Women on the other hand, it seems the industry preys on the young college girls.. I mean, they like sex too right? A few shoots with a hot guy.. and promised big money, tempting!

    These are the perfect world scenarios…

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    1. Being paid for sex, honestly John, would be very tempting for me a few decades ago.

      But now that I know what I know, I would much rather have the payment in love through a very intimate relationship with one person for the rest of my life. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s very true!

        I’m the kind that tries to learn from putting myself in others shoes. I can understand those lured into the business and those who do the luring… big lessons learned for the lurees and for the lurers, money and self!

        Liked by 1 person

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