Painting With Words

We all use words to paint a picture of what we are trying to express. For some of us it comes real easy. For some it is really really tough.

For many, using elegant wording comes naturally as they speak. And with those words you can get a vision of a grand picture of the story they tell. We hear them day in and day out even when we do not realize it.

Why, just today I heard a story of the heart from a lady who is fixing to go to Peru on a mission trip. What a beautiful picture of the people there that she and her team will be sharing the gospel to!

I also heard the saddening story of a friend who will need surgery and yet another story of a young man and women fixing to get married.

The young man who had to return an item for a refund so he could pay the light bill.

Heck, even the lady on the side of the road today with her cardboard sign written in black marker that read “Need food….anything is appreciated” told a story. A story of a beautiful young blonde with blue eyes that has fallen on hard times and was just hungry.

Sadly some of those stories are painful to share with people and the words will just not come out the way we want.

Like stories of a lost love and the emotions that come with that loss. Maybe someone is trying to share the reason for….say a separation with you and all they can do is cry. Well…those tears tell a story too. A story of heartbreak, loneliness and confusion.

Stories are everywhere. I truly wish we, as a people, would actually take the time to appreciate the story and the people who bring them to us.

And as a Christian we should take notice of those stories and the people, for God brought that person to us, not by chance but for a reason. Maybe it was just to lend an ear. Maybe it was to offer encouragement and a smile. Maybe it was to share Him.

I wonder….how many of us, myself included, have asked God to bring someone into our path today to share Him? And every time we ask, God answers. I believe we just do not see it as the answer to our prayer.

🤔🤔🤔 I think the answer to that is more often than we want to admit.

I believe that if we had the insight to see the wonderful paintings around us, we would come to realize that God uses us as the paint at times through hope, love and understanding!

17 thoughts on “Painting With Words”

  1. Beautifully written Stu! Everyone has a story to tell and we should be willing to take time out to listen. Our patience and understanding can make a difference in a person’s day or even their life!! ❤️

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  2. We all have stories…….when you put an actual “face” on anything then your heart goes out to them. We should try to walk in their shoes more……..listen and be compassionate, just like JESUS!!!

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