What The Flying Freak!?!?!

Ok peeps, how do you turn someone in and have their blog removed or at least have them make it private so young people do not see what the hell I just saw?

I have my reader set like this…




Followed sites

Saved sites

The pornography one I use to read up on stats about the porn epidemic and see if there are new bloggers writting about their freedom.

No nudity posts no sexual posts and no porn videos posted for years…until now. I almost hurled.

Any ideas as to who I should get in contact with?

22 thoughts on “What The Flying Freak!?!?!”

  1. I don’t know about what to do but maybe you could put in porn epidemic next time to filter it better…check this out I had someone on my blog today that used an encrypted search engine to look mine up. Its titled searchencrypt.com

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    1. An encrypted search… interesting. Yeah, I am going to have to change the settings somehow. I know I can block the blog…but what about the younger than 20 who may run across it 😦


  2. I have mentioned this problem in a post a few weeks ago. It’s horrid to see some of these blogs and worse when one followers you. At 62 I’ve never seen such stuff before and some things you just can’t unsee.

    Contact wordpress support.

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    1. For real about the things seen can not be unseen. I have a post about that one. And sadly what I saw last night may be one of them. I was so sickened 😤

      Thanks for the advice. I will be getting in touch with WP support.

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      1. Hey, Brother! That happened to Mom and I one day, it was awful! I can’t get the images out of my head unfortunately. After I contacted WP, the site the videos/images came from was unavailable. So hopefully that happens to this one too!

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  3. In a way, it’s like delivering a case of beer to an alcoholic’s front door (and even putting it in their refrigerator) and expecting them to ignore it. That just wouldn’t be allowed. Why should this be allowed? Surely WordPress can put on some type of control.

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    1. I agree. If the blog has nudity and such the owner is “supposed” to mark their blog as mature. This will ensure that it doesn’t show up in searches, but many do not do that. I did report his blog. Hopefully WordPress will do something about this one because I was disgusted and I thought I had seen it all…nope 😦

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