Celebrate Recovery Honduras Mission Trip 2014

This week marks the 5 year anniversary of my first mission trip. Oh the wonderful memories from this trip! May you enjoy the story how God reached thousands!!

Something to Stu Over

Who would have thought I would ever go on a mission trip? To quote on old friend of mine when they found out I was going….”This blows my mind.” Well, I promise you….it was mine that was blown.

I am going to TRY to share and put into words what happened…

Here is what I remember the most about our mission trip. Granted if you were to pick an ideal mission team from the lot of us only two would probably be chosen. Our team, as we call ourselves, is the sweep the kitchen mission team. A few of us are ex-addicts of some sort, two are pastors, and all of us have hurts, habits and hang-ups.

The Mission Team

Yeah, God took an unlikely group of people and made a team. A team of brothers and sisters, His children, to share Him to a foreign country. How cool is God?

If you…

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19 thoughts on “Celebrate Recovery Honduras Mission Trip 2014”

  1. Well, there’s a life-changing experience, for sure! I’m glad you shared it again. I read every bit of it, and thought it was was very well done. Did you end up going to India? Future plans?
    Sweep The Kitchen Mission Team? What’s up with that tag?

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    1. The Sweep The Kitchen Mission Team was a phrase I came up with because it was literally a group of ex-addicts God picked up off the floor and made us into a power team!

      We didn’t go to India, sadly. They went back to Honduras the following year. I just couldn’t afford to go. Four of us had planned on going to Haiti last year but it fell through at the last minute. I so want to go on another one if God chooses me too. It was truly a life changer!

      Thank you for reading it all. It was so hard to remember everything because we did so much each day.

      I was originally going to do a daily post but the wifi down there is almost none existent 😦

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