Sunday Music: Rage Of Angels | Somebody’s Watching You

To go along with my post from last night…

It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go… somebody’s watching you!

You think your smart, don’t ya?

Hiding your sin from the world, waiting til Sunday to binge watch your porn while the family is at church. No one is watching, right? WRONG!

With every keystroke, every site visited, whatever sexual video you watch your IP address is stored in someone’s data base.

Nothing on the internet is hidden…somebody is watching every move you make. How do you think they come up with the stats for what genre of porn is most viewed and which state or city in a state views the most porn on a given day? Well Sunday is the porn industries busiest day🤔

What about the woman who works with you. You think your being sly with the looks or that “accidental” brush up against. Well somebody’s watching…trust me.

How many times do you say to yourself “Oh God, I hope no one sees me” as you pull in to the liquor store? Somebody sees you…trust me.

If you are having those thoughts about a drink you should not be at the liquor store anyway…just saying.

Listen, it really doesn’t matter what you are doing or where you go someone sees you. It could be a neighbor you never talk to, a church member, a work associate, your kids babysitter, etc..but they are there. And even if alone somebody is watching.

God’s watching, your angel is watching, the demon attacking you is watching. You are never ever truly alone…at least not on the spiritual side of things.

You can be in your room with the door locked with the world shut away and the eyes of the Lord sees all. EVERYTHING! Nothing escapes him.

Here is my prayer for us all.


Please break my heart for what breaks yours. I know you see everything I do even when I know no one else can see me. Guard my heart Lord. Save me from myself. Give me the strength necessary to fight of these thoughts and urges I am having. I’m so tired of fighting this. I can’t stop on my own I know that, because no matter how hard I try I keep losing this battle. These images and urges countinue to haunt me. Purge my mind and heart Lord and fill it with you.


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