Alert and Warning!

Have you ever watched those old 70 & 80’s movie that had that one red button so that when they pressed it it let off a siren sound and Warning! Warning!..?

The same thing happens in our hearts a lot of times when certain things happen. But the one I would like to concentrate on is God and His calling on your life. ย  People have a tendency to want to be in control of everything in there life. They want the power but really they are powerless. And when something threatens that control or power they feel they have or deserve, something hits the red alert button in their heart. The sirens go off! They frantically try to shut down the intruder.

When God whispers in our heart to turn something over to Him for healing we automatically reach for the button because though we want healing we don’t want to let go of the anger and pain. But you can’t heal if you still have the anger and pain.

When God says to stop doing something we hit the button because we don’t want to let go of that one thing!

When God says to tell your story we hit the button because we don’t want others to know our sins.

The list could go on and on. The thing is this: in order to find true joy, true healing, true freedom, true peace and true redemption we must take that stupid red button out of hearts and throw it away. Let go of pride and selfishness and let God do what He knows is best.

6 thoughts on “Alert and Warning!”

  1. Oh, no kidding! I love that analogy – kinda like the robot on Lost in Space: “Warning, Will Robinson! Danger!”
    But that’s our human-concocted system. So silly, when you think about it; but we start constructing it as children, under our parents’ care.

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