Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Just A Touch

Dawn’s post brought this song to my head and it stuck. I had to watch the video and then go back and read her post fully now that the song was out of my head.

This song from Barren Cross like all of theirs is powerful! It is also a good representation of her post about the woman with the issue of blood for twelve years.

She had heard of this Jesus. She had heard of his miracles. And she also knew all that she had tried on her own to end her issue had failed…for twelve years.

Jesus was in town and of course there was a crowd following him. It was a rock star scene…a huge crowd of folks pressing in towards Him, the disciples close to Him creating a barrier and yet she found a way to touch the hem of his garment.

Upon that single touch her blood that had being flowing freely for twelve years stopped. Healed right then and there.

Jesus knew something had happened as He asked “Who touched me?” For He felt power leave His body.

I can imagine the look on the disciples faces when Jesus asked that. I can hear them in today’s terms going “Are you kidding? This mass hysteria of people pushing in so close and you want to know who touched you? Yeah right!”

But Jesus asked again. He had a reason for asking. He always has a reason. He wanted to see if she would come forward an admit to touching Him in faith to prove a point.

It worked. As she came forward, fell on the ground saying I did. Jesus with compassion looks down at this woman and he said unto her, Daughter, be comforted, your faith has made you whole. Go in peace.

What a powerful vision of one woman’s determination to be healed!!

Jesus still does these types of miracles everyday through the Holy Spirit.

Blind people have the sight restored!

The lame walk again!

The deathly sick are cured and restored to a greater health!

Addicts are being set free!

Broken lives are being reshaped from the inside out!

All one needs is just a touch!

Just A Touch ~ Barren Cross

We see the days
The world goes through a change
Miracles ever day
A man receives
He prays “God, take my life”
Now his eyes can see
Just a touch
Of His hand
And you’ll be healed – you will
A hand is healed
A finger grows in place
A little of God’s grace
A man walks
Not prisoned by a chair
God can hear our prayers
Just a touch
Of His hand
And you’ll be healed – you will
A family lives
God can heal the pain
Divorce is just insane
His word is right
It takes away your pain
Call on Jesus’ name
Just a touch
Of His hand
And you’ll be healed – you will

2 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Barren Cross | Just A Touch”

  1. That’s a powerful song Stu! Thanks for sharing it and my post. The words of the song are so true! And the touch of Jesus is still setting people free everyday. His touch empowers us to live victoriously for Him. There is nothing that is too great for Him. We’re so blessed to know Him!! 😊💜

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