Sunday Music: Casting Crowns | Slow Fade

I will admit right here and now that the first time I heard this song I balled. It was shortly after my wife and I split and had rededicated my life to the Lord. And I was not crying for me…per se…but for our kids…Brandon and Erin.

We both have little feet following us. And even now at fourteen and eleven their feet are still little. And it is our responsibility to lead them properly.

For those who have been in addiction…the slow fade is such a reality.

For those blessed enough to have not gone into the pit of hell called addiction you may wonder why someone becomes addicted.

Well, we didn’t set out to be one. Trust me.

It was a slow fade. One little look, one little taste, one little drink that said that wasn’t so bad. That actually was pretty cool. And then the second little look, taste or drink happens and the next and the next until you can not go a day without it.

Adultery does not take place over night.

Wanting to drink you sorrows and pain away does not happen over night.

Medicating yourself does not happen right away.

Becoming a sex addict does not happen after your first sexual encounter.

But…it happens over a period of time and with consistent wrong choices.

Once that habit is formed though it takes forever, it seems like, to change.

But folks hear me out. We ALL have little feet following us or little eyes watching. You do not have to be married or even a child of your own to have kids that look up to you and want to be like you when they grow up.

We can’t, for the love of God, allow those little feet to follow us down a path that could hurt them or allow them to see things that will forever be in their mind.

For the future generations to NOT have to live through the hell we did we must walk with integrity in every aspect of our lives. And fight like crazy to not fall back into that pit of hopelessness and unadulterated sin again.

Be vigilant. Be intentional. Be focused. And never lose hope because I can say freedom can be had from any addiction. You just have to want the freedom more than the addiction.

And when you get your freedom…WALK IN IT! Because you have little feet following and little eyes watching you.

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