Stu’s World III

Sometimes it really feels as if my little part of the world is being torn apart by an earthquake and is floating in the ocean waiting for the next wave to overturn me.

My car dies and I lose several days of work and because of that I’m struggling yet again financially to make ends meet. It’s fun having thirty dollars left after paying the bills and you just got paid.

I’m not really complaining per se…just aggravating. God has given me this job and though my car is dead I have a friend willing to take me to work and back to the house. Quote to fix my car is 1500 and I could buy a car I really like for 1000 IF I had the funds…lol. Yeah right!

Work IS going good though by the way!

There are no words that can describe how I feel about what is happening to a very dear friend of mine. The woman I will probably go to my grave loving called me. She was hurting and needed to hear my voice. She shared what has been going on and her words hurt…she feels worthless. I told her she is not worthless but priceless and that there will always be at least one man that will want her in his life even if it is not in the way that the man wants.

Our conversation hurt but I tried to lift her spirits if just a little. I could hear the smile on her face when she said I love you. I know she does love me it’s just that the love has changed for her. Forever friends!

So much more to share about Angie and I in the My Beautiful Amazing Love series I started last week.

The bright side of this week is that Brandon is staying the whole weekend with me ❀

Brandon & his new glasses 😊

And these came in…

Peach candle made by Elijah Holston

You can order some awesome candles at his website They smell so amazing and burn slow. Perfect!

This young man has even made a movie with his family and some friends made. You can read about the movie on his blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!

17 thoughts on “Stu’s World III”

  1. I have not heard that song in so long. Sometimes life is hard. Who can understand God’s joy that lives in us even while we hurt and struggle? It is a mystery but such a gift. And that little man looks so much like you!

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