My Post Picks For May 2019

Before I give you my picks for this month I need to thank all of you for sticking with me through my ups and downs on this roller coaster ride we call life. Your prayers, thoughts, and comments have kept me sane, for it seems life doesn’t just throw dear ole Stu a curve ball but tries to push me off the cliff.

Thank you my dear friends for your love and support.

Now for…

Wives Your Voice Matters by my friend J is what I want to start this month off with. You see many women feel that their voices do not matter because society says that and even the church at times.

Yes, J has a ministry for women only, yet men read it to learn. And I’m glad for that. But it hurts when a woman feels her opinion doesn’t matter, therefore, she says nothing. That can be on a blog post or even in the bedroom.

But ladies, you opinions matter, you thoughts matter and YOU matter.

I would hate for someone…anyone…male or female to not comment on my blog because they feel what they have to say doesn’t matter or they may offend someone. Heck, I probably offend a lot of people just for writing a post because I use a word they do not like. And that’s ok.

Ladies, go check out J at Hot, Holy & Humorous and give your opinions. Your thoughts may be Hot, they may be Holy or they may be Humorous but they should be heard.

And in the bedroom if you don’t like something tell your husband and vice versa for crying out loud. Sex is a mutual experience one to be enjoyed.

Did you know you have an exclusive sexual playground with your spouse? Check this great post out by my friend Julie entitled You Can Have HOT Sex In Marriage Without Being Pornographic.

Sing your praise to the Lord…little children. A few verses in Psalms prompts one couple to start in children’s ministry. Check out Jacquie’s Facebook memory post.

Janae’s post Beauty Marks ๐Ÿ’• reminded me of a very special woman in my life…Angie

Janae’s words…

I was broken but not destroyed

I cried but wiped away many tears

I surrendered and rose again

A powerful reminder to us all that we can go on regardless of the struggle at hand.

Amy’s In The Now is a poem that should, as I commented on her post earlier, be made into a poster and placed in eveey recovery center in the country!

Dear Tosin brings another powerful post, as usual with Don’t Look Back…Too. Her words just flow. You can tell this was from the Father and not of her own accord.

Valerie’s Dead Men Walking is a unique look into our lives before Christ.

Heather gives us all a prompting to get out of our comfort zone and live A Life Worthy Of His Calling.

Dawn’s God Is Calling Us Out is another get out of your comfort zone post. That looks like the theme of the Holy Spirit for this month. Must be a sign my friends. Time to get out of the boat, don’t think of the waves and keep our eyes on Jesus and watch what He does in our lives and to those around us.

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