Sunday Music: Female Fronted Bands

There is just something about the female voice…

A female fronted Christian band list would not be complete without one of it’s pioneers…


Scarlet Red

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (GFM)

Icon For Hire




Submission Red

Revelation X





The Letter Black



Erin hanging with the drummer 🙂
After show picture time ❤

Superchick *Warning* this video could be a trigger

Rachel Rachel

Make sure to check out their favorite song of mine too…Papa Can You Hear Me

This next song was going to be a stand alone Sunday Music post today…


I truly feel that the term Christian is a cliché. And many of the prayers we pray are as well. Heartfelt prayers are what God wants not just vain repetition of “oh heavenly Father” to make us look good in public.

The reason I feel the term Christian has become cliché is because over 70 percent of the US claims they are. Really?!?

Then were is the compassion that once made this nation great. Where are the disciples of Christ? If 70 percent of this country claims to be a Christian do you not think we could stop the homeless rate? What about world hunger and other issues facing this country much less the world?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Female Fronted Bands”

  1. I know some of these artists! I am still new to Christian music as a whole (I used to only listen to secular music about 10 years ago) As far as the word Christian goes I guess I don’t care much what other people say as much as I do how they live and by the inner witness I will see their fruit. But as long as sin is in the world there will always be suffering. We just have to do what we can and encourage others to also. The rest is up to them. Don’t forget that most people in the world suffer at their own hand even when help us right in front of them.

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