Strategies for Walking Away from Sexual Immorality

Freedom from sexual immorality is possible. Here are some good pointers to start with.


Image result for sexual addiction disorderThere are those who would say I am the last person who should write anything about sexual immorality.  I, like many men before me, have struggled to keep my thoughts and actions pure.  In recent years I have made improvements in the area of sexual purity, and I don’t think it is just because of a decreased libido.  In all the years I have been married to my wife, I have been faithful to her – in the literal sense.  In my mind, I have become more faithful to her.  I have lost much of the lust that would have captured my thoughts early in our marriage.

There is a different mind-set I have now.  When I consciously think about the area of sexual immorality, I acknowledge the following six truths.  At the same time there are three actions I consider taking.

  • Acknowledge what sexual immorality delivers

Sex is attractive…

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6 thoughts on “Strategies for Walking Away from Sexual Immorality”

    1. I’m sorry that you have a hard time wrapping your head around it. But sadly it is a reality. A reality that is growing enormously fast.

      Read my post from yesterday about Porn Waros Everything. Download the free book from Covenant Eyes. It is an eye opener for real.

      Honestly, sex for men is not as physical as most think. Women bond through conversation. Men bond through orgasm. So, say me for instance…if I go to the one I love and want to make love…yeah Im physically attracted to her always but it is the bonding that I want…and need.

      And I agree. But I would also add to that their emotional needs as well. And that goes for the husband too!

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      1. I’m not faulting you or the writer, I’m just saying that women need to be far more cognizant of a man’s needs.

        I honestly repaired my own marriage by becoming a wife who never ever says no and makes a point to initiate.

        I know porn is bad and I know it screws everything up.

        I’m just saying, “Ladies, be there for your husbands.”

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