Why Do Non-believers Get Mad At Christians For Telling Them They Need Jesus

Here is another question from a reader. Man I hope more of you start doing this 🙂

Question…why does someone get upset at a person who is trying to save their soul but not at the ones that are helping to condemn said soul?

Many times I believe it is in the way we, as believers, approachl people. By that I mean that 8 out of 10 people we tell “you need Jesus” we tell them because they should not be doing the things they are doing.

It could be the bar scene, pornography, drugs, or just a bad lifestyle.
It is meant with the greatest intentions but have we stopped to think of the things that have happened to that person to get them where they are?

And that crowd they are hanging with, though more than likely a bad influence, are the ones who have “been” there for them through everything. So why get mad at the ones that are by their side.

Then you come along and say you shouldn’t be hanging with those type of people and doing what they are doing! Saying that with an arrogance and attitude of I’m better than you.

So yeah…I’d be mad at you too!

And then sometimes it just comes down to pride. Not wanting to give up/surrender themselves. Yes, the truth hurts. Good Lord, does it. Truth breaks chains but when the chains are all you have known it’s a scary thing to think of letting them go.

Has our crusade to win souls taken us from the relationship aspect all together. People will not accept Christ just because we say they should…only. But they might if they get to know us and see Jesus in us as we go through our daily lives.

We must show Christ! We must show love! But we can not do that unless we build a relationship with that person. Then you can share what Christ has done in you because then they will listen to you out of respect. Not when we stick our finger in their face.

Life hurts. There are so many things that can send us over the edge of despair and into medicating it with something!

My thoughts..anyway..

15 thoughts on “Why Do Non-believers Get Mad At Christians For Telling Them They Need Jesus”

  1. Good thoughts Stu! 🤠

    And I’ll toss in one more reason to your list of why sinners sometimes reject Christians witnessing to them.

    It’s also because well-meaning Christians frequently present a false gospel to sinners.

    If I could count the number of times I’ve heard people tell others that they have to repent “of their sins” to get saved.

    Just once I’d like to visit with their spouse, and get the real story if they themselves have repented of their sins. 🙂

    Have a great day Stu!

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  2. I try my best.. I’ve been called forceful and basically condescending. But the thing is, is that these people don’t know my heart when I’m telling them what’s coming to my heart.

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    1. I understand brother! I’ve been called far worse than that. But with the ones I developed a friendship with first, they knew my heart and that what I was saying was sincere. Much more receptive.

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  3. Couple of points. It’s not always what you say but also how you say it. Many times we condition the response we receive because of our delivery. And, if the option is available, you earn the right to speak to someone from your heart and that earning usually takes a significant amount of time. Blessings Stuart.

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  4. Good points and I agree. As has already been expressed: I think we need to ‘earn the right to speak’ into someone’s life. If we aren’t willing to walk with them through life, and even through a potential ongoing recovery process, we need to be careful with not calling them out about their lifestyle; only to then disappear ourselves without offering any true support.

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  5. Your observations are true, Stu. Yet, we must be mindful also of the fact the flesh will also be resistant to the Spirit of God. So in the midst of the times when we get our witnessing wrong, there are many instances where it’s just the resistance to truth. May God continue to give us the wisdom to witness in the ways that will yield fruit.

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