Jesus And The Children

There is an interesting story in scripture where the disciples rebuke those bringing children to Jesus.

For you see back in those days children were of no “importance” (not a productive member of) to society until they reached a certain age. Maybe the disciples felt that the children were just not important enough considering all the healing and teaching Jesus was doing…you know the “important” stuff. But you see Jesus was much displeased at them for doing this.

Here are Christ’s words:

Permit the little children to come unto me, forbid them not; for such is the kingdom of God.

Here’s the cool part. Jesus took them up in his arms, put his hands upon them, and blessed them.

Parents, we must pick our children up, (until they get too big of course) for this shows our affection towards them. Something they desperately need.

We must put our hands on them and bless them. Bless means to praise and if our children do something good (even the smallest to us, is a big deal to them) we should praise them for doing good. ALL children, no matter their age, need to know that mommy and daddy are proud of them!

To me, the most important one is where Jesus said forbid them not. Now, I know we get busy as parents…but we should NEVER turn our children away from us. For if we do that too often, as they grow older, they will feel that they can not come to us and therefore will ask the hard questions in life outside the home instead of in the safety of it.

We must be there for our children! We must hold them , love them, teach them and nurture them.

*This was originally a post I wrote for my Spritual Leaders of the Family Facebook page back in 2013*

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