Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option

One of the most difficult things in life, especially as a Christian, is to comprehend how many people are actually watching us.

Now, if you are a parent you know your children are watching and listening to everything. That’s why we are careful as to what we say and do.

If you are married then you know for a fact that your spouse is watching and listening.

But, what about those watching you at work, at church, in the store, at your child’s sporting event, on the golf course or on social media?

What about the other “people”? Folks that run the Nielsen ratings, for instance. How about the internet police who can see every single website you go to?

Have you ever thought about what your character looks like in front of everyone?

Does you neighbor see you go to church every Sunday but watches as you curse out the lawnmower for not starting?

Are there men or women at the golf course that know you are a Christian and yet watch you get so upset over a bad swing that you throw your club down?

What about the other parents at the sporting events? Do you belittle your child, in front of them, for not playing up to your standards?

What about your character when it is just you and your family? Have you grown so numb over the sin in front of your eyes on the television that it doesn’t even matter anymore?

I believe that IS part of our problem. We have become numb to sin!

It hits us from freaking everywhere and every which way possible. And we have become numb to most of it.

What offended us at first is now an after thought.

What used to give us a repulsive feeling, now, no longer affects us at all.

And we all know, from a physical sense, that numbness eventually starts to make that part of the body useless. So in a spiritual sense being numb to the sin around us, in us and how we react to it makes us neither hot nor lukewarm but cold.

So how can we, as Christians, run the race and be surrounded by said witnesses that see a contradiction in our lives…


We must get back to that state of saying break my heart Lord, for what breaks yours, create in me a clean heart and renew my mind.

Check out this great post by Joe Butler over at Faith and Footsteps entitled Sin By Any Other Name Is Still Sin

20 thoughts on “Feeling Comfortably Numb Is No Longer An Option”

  1. This is such a great reminder, Stu. I’ve been a Christian for 30 years and I can honestly say that my fervor has definitely waned from when I first met Him. And yes, some things that used to affect me deeply ow only moderately move me. My answer to these things is more time with Him. Sitting at His feet like Mary did, drawing close enough to feel His heartbeat. THAT is where I want to be. God bless. Thanks posting.

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    1. Thank you Dee. I appreciate your comment very much.

      I’m the same way things affect me less now than they did, but in others I am way more affected and want change in the world.

      I’m paraphrasing here…but a friend once told me the closer we get to God the less we sin because we immediately ask for forgiveness as we are in that constant state of prayer.

      Close enough to hear His heartbeat…I like that one 👊

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  2. So true Stu, when we get comfortable we become immune to the sin and our defenses get low to non-existent and pretty soon, we become weak Christians who don’t pray, don’t read, don’t worship, just floating around like zombies with no life or reflection of Christ.

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      1. You’re always welcome.
        So so true Stu, sometimes as zombies we don’t even know what’s happening until God sends us a jolt. Electrocute us Lord, cause us to burn for you 🙏🏼

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  3. Ezekiel 36.26 let’s us know that God has already given us a new heart Stu. We Christians have a clean heart, we just have to walk by the Spirit.

    Good mornin to you buddy.

    Your heart is in the right place with this subject though, and I fully agree with the message that you’re communicating here. We should be conscious of what we represent to others all the time. We should be careful to not even give the appearance of our engaging in evil in our lives. After all, we should look different from the world…because we are different from the world.

    My grievance with Christians is similar, but with a different twist.

    Why are Christians “numb” to having been made the righteousness of God?

    Sometimes I feel like I’m the only Christian on wordpress celebrating that God has made me His righteousness.

    I tell Christians all the time that God has made them His righteousness, I cite scripture aplenty to prove it…and nobody seems intrested in the least that they have been given this magnificent treasure.

    God bless you buddy. 🤠

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      1. Your perspective is interesting Stu.
        So much so, that I’m going to write a little post to address what you just taught me about “why” Christians won’t celebrate that gift.

        And good mornin to you with grinnin Stu! 🤠

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      2. Think you are onto something here, Stuart. Growing up in a liberal protestant church, I felt this way–that righteousness was a ‘heaven thing’ only. It was constantly reinforced that if we ‘tried to be good in God’s eyes or Bible terms, then it was a ‘work’ and Jesus’ grace did it all so it’s wrong to try and be good’. It was almost as if there was no point in trying at all, lest you be accused of being ‘works righteous’.
        This was a perfect environment, by the way, to hide abuse–of which I was a victim of clergy abuse, and was then told I needed to just forgive it.
        Now I have a bit more balanced approach:
        We ARE made righteous in Christ which does change everything. And while God doesn’t demand our perfection and loves us as we are…we still have to try.

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          1. Thank you Stuart ❤️ I am sorry too! But it REALLY gave me a heart for other victims and survivors; even before I could admit I was one myself. God uses those wounds from the enemy mightily, as you can probably relate. Shine on, Brother!!

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