Sunday Music: Resurrection Band | The Struggle

One would think growing up listening to songs like this I would not have gone through so much junk as I have.

Here are the lyrics…
Sometimes you scare me by what you cause me to see, and I’m afraid of knowing who I am
Though you’ve changed me, there’s still a whole lot of old wineskin, and to open up would destroy the me I’m afraid to show
One part of me doesn’t want to grow, but I’m tired of this lingering winter
Tired of ground so hard and cold
Plough your way through – I’m asking you to, oh, Jesus
Lord, you’re my only hope
Without you, I can’t face myself
Without you, I can’t face myself
Without you, I can’t face myself
Without you
My pride wants me to hide inside myself, but I love you, Lord
I don’t want our love put on the shelf
I’m tired of fighting to be who I am
Jesus, make me what you want me to be
Because of you, I desire reality
A love for you is what I’m dying to receive
Though I hate what I am, I understand that you promised me
You’ve promised me freedom in your truth, but I can only face myself when I face you
Without you, I can’t face myself
Without you, Lord, I can’t face myself
And I’ll be ready, ready to face myself when I face you

Rez was my second favorite rock band behind Stryper. But Rez’s lyrics were more upfront and real. Glen and company wrote music about life. Real life. Real issues. Like abortion, suicide, children being abused, struggles…just life and the harshness it can bring at times.

Yet every song pointed to God as the solution as well.

My best friend Joey and I had a couple of sit down chats with the band over the years of seeing them live. What a pleasure it was to discuss God with the band. Shame neither Joey or I truly took those conversations to heart until decades later. Well…maybe we did or we would have done more crazy stuff 😮

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