Mother’s Day 2019

I have to give a shout out to Dollfaced Writer today. As you probably have read my last post, she tagged me in the Honor Your Mother Tag. But I didn’t get to the tag until this morning. So here I am reading her post and I decided to reach out one more time to my mother with this text…

Happy Mother’s Day mom!

I just want you to know that I love you and I miss you!

And I want to say thank you for being the one who kept me grounded in life and in my walk with God all these years. Thanks for being my closest friend growing up, the one person I could always talk to and never feel ashamed.

I am sorry I have hurt you over the years too. I have to live with that…

I love you!

I was expecting the normal response… nothing. But God had other plans. She called me to say thank you. Which resulted in a 30 minute conversation about our struggles and Brandon had the chance to talk to his Meme for the first time in probably six years.

There is a huge back story to all this but I’ll just say that writing my story doesn’t sit well. Me opening up about my molestation tore a rift in my family.

But regardless of the rift I love my family and my mom.

My mom was/is indeed a mom like no other!

I could go to her growing up and even into adulthood and talk about anything and not feel ashamed, weird or guilty. There are no conditions on a mother’s love.

We would go walking and just talk for hours. I was not the least bit embarrassed to be seen by friends while with my mom. As my friends would always tell me…your mom is hot. She was still in her thirty’s when I was in high school. She’s only nineteen years older than me.

I have missed my mom so much over the past few years. I so need a mom hug!

Brandon, before ending the conversation asked her when we could come see her. So we are trying to plan a trip to Shreveport to visit my mom in the near future.

Thank you Dollface for your Mother’s Day Tag and for the prompting to reach out just once more ❤

21 thoughts on “Mother’s Day 2019”

  1. Stu, this is good news. So often it is close family members where misunderstandings and alienation comes. Love from the heart brings reconciliation. Blessings to your reunion with your mom with Brandon along!

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  2. Stuart, that’s amazing! I’m so glad our tag inspired you to reach out to her again. It’s never easy to reach out and I commend you for doing so 😊 that is a huge blessing, Brother! ❤

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          1. I know! Times like these, I wish I was a little healthier. But that just goes against what God wants for me, He wants me to learn so much through this illness. So I’m praying for patience and acceptance. 😌
            That’s great! Oh I know, only when you become a parent yourself do you realize how quickly time goes by.

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