Prayer Request & Blogger Prayer Group For April 2019

Man, what a month. Yes, the Easter month has been a difficult one for dear ole Stu.

Getting used to the new job, it’s work hours, the physicality of it and learning has been a challenge to say the least.

As well as trying to avoid splinters and falling lumber. Both of which I have failed at avoiding.

A 4 inch splinter went into the knuckle of my index finger last week. I think I got all of it out. At least I can bend my finger today I also had a 2x12x24 (2 inches thick, 12 inches across and 24 feet long) land on my right foot today. It fell from one of the forklifts. Hurts like hell. Not broken…just bruised

I am also aware that it is a difficult month for many.

Purple Rose has been sick. Now her youngest daughter has caught a bug of some sort.

Others are seeking prayer support as they go and share Christ with others.

Some have books they are either thinking of writing, are writing and/or being published. A lot of stress with that I am sure.

A few of my friends are running themselves ragged preparing for a new life to come into this world while others are doing the same for a loved one who is passing from this world.

There are students stressing over grades.

Parents stressing because we have to adult. And we all know that sucks at times.

There are also so many who are just simply struggling to make ends meet with two incomes much less one.

People praying and screaming for freedom for the chains of addiction…porn, drugs, alcohol, sex, overeating, etc.

So allow me to ask YOU a question….

What are YOU struggling with?

If you feel that sharing it publicly within this amazing community we have is too “personal” then send me an email to and I will add you to my pray list.

But IF you want this amazing community that is filled with wonderful people who care for one another and love to pray for others then please share your request in the comment section.

If you would like to join the blogger prayer group please feel free to email me and I will add you. We currently have 22 bloggers members who send in their prayer requests to me and then I forward that request to everyone. Some months we have a lot of activity and some months not so much. But we reach out to one another none the less.

Heck some times I read your blogs and see a request and I send it to the group πŸ™‚ (just so ya know)

God bless


22 thoughts on “Prayer Request & Blogger Prayer Group For April 2019”

  1. What a lovely idea. I must email you. I’d like to ask for prayer for my brother. He lives out in LA with his beautiful wife and daughter. I pray he and his family are covered in the blood of Jesus as the news of sobering and frightening evil amidst us all. I pray for all who are struggling with addictions of all kinds, the innocent children whom our society will soon learn were let down, by us as a country, even world.
    Thanks Stu, I so look forward to joining this community. It just occurred to me that I reached out for a support group a few days ago, and was so disheartened that not one person, on a video with 12,000 views-could help a sister in need. God bless you!

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  2. My mother-in-law just found out that she has breast cancer. I’m not sure what stage yet – they’re at the doctor now, but her husband said it’s not looking good. If you could add her to the list that would be great. Thank you so much!!

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  3. Stuart, I am so proud of you! You hung in there, you kept encouraging us no matter what you were dealing with yourself (that is NOT easy to do) and you are doing great on your new job! Wow.

    Thank you so much for all of the prayers. God bless you, ❀

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