Friday’s Love Song: W.A.S.P. | Breathe

Warning: This song is very sexual and sensual!

I heard this song for the first time after Angie & I called off our relationship. The sensual side of the song got me in the chorus, because I loved to walk up behind her, put my head to her neck and just breathe her scent in.

Opening our hearts to one another came easy as the love grew from our friendship and conversations.

One day soon, Lord willing I will be able to give her a hug and breathe her in yet again 🙂

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Love Song: W.A.S.P. | Breathe”

  1. What a song! It is rare to hear a man be so specific about his feelings/love for a woman when talking to others. It’s amazing if a man finally does express himself with words.The way you love her…. sheesh, does she have any idea?!!! I wish she read your blog.

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    1. It is a great song! You know its odd you bring that up. Just a little while ago I was pondering the very same thing. It is rare for a man to even try to express his love vocally. I’m working on a few ideas.

      It just takes me so much longer to write now that I can’t be on my phone as much.

      She proofread many of my first posts I ever wrote. To my knowledge she doesn’t know the depth of my love for her. So, no I don’t think she does.

      Maybe one day she will stumble across a post and she will know 🙂

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      1. That’s crazy how we think so much alike sometimes (song, thought… etc.) brother Stuart! 😂 I find myself kinda going, “No way!” or “Oh wow!” often while reading your post and replies.

        Maybe an “anonymous” email would help her stumble on over here? 😎

        Seriously, to love someone with that much depth, that much passion… my goodness.

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