Stryper Song Title Challenge From Six Years Ago

This is another one of those Facebook memories. I wrote this six years ago. I was challenged by a friend to make up something with Stryper song titles. This is what happened…

May the Rock That Makes Me Roll give me the strength to be a Soldier Under Command and Reach Out to those who have turned from God. I am no longer Caught In The Middle, I have been Reborn, I have a Passion to show The Way to others so we all can be Together Forever in paradise and not have them go To Hell With The Devil!

We must be Loud’N’Clear about the message of Christ and let all know of His Mercy Over Blame, that they can be set Free and be Together As One with Christ, have Peace Of Mind and come Alive in Christ. Love Is Why He came so that we and they would have a place in The Reign!

Keep The Fire Burning..It’s Up To U and me to see folks Freely Surrender to the King of Kings!

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