Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Beautiful

I guess I just see differently than most.

When Angie and I started seeing each other I told her how beautiful she is. She didn’t believe me.

So every morning I would text her “Good morning beautiful”. Every night we talked to each other and I would say “goodnight my beautiful amazing love”.

The sad thing about being a woman and having men mistreat you is when someone comes along that truly loves you and sees you as beautiful…you dont believe them. Because you began to believe the lies of all the others who came before 😦

The sad thing about being the caring and loving man that comes behind the others is that our words are not believed. And it hurts like hell 😦

And even now when she calls, feeling unloved and unwanted I tell her how beautiful she is. She always says well that’s because your biased. I’m like no, that’s because you are beautiful both inside and out. I don’t have to say I love you because it’s an unspoken rule with us. It’s a given.

I will always see the love of a lifetime as the most beautiful woman in the world no matter what!

She IS beautiful both inside and out.

I pray one day Angie will believe me and see herself as such.

I miss her a lot guys…

5 thoughts on “Friday’s Love Song: Stryper | Beautiful”

  1. Stu, this hits home with me! It’s so very true!…Sad to say…
    I truly believe that God can put you and Angie back together again! If that is what you desire with all your heart, I will pray with you! She sounds like a beautiful lady. If two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.
    We will agree together, and I’m sure others reading this post will, too!🙏

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    1. Thanks Renee! She’s an amazing woman. There is a reason God told me to never give up on her. I just don’t know if it’s so we CAN be together or that she will always need me in her corner. Either way, I pray for her daily and will be here for her.

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  2. Oh Stuart, this is so true. 😔 Women let the negative voices speak the loudest sometimes and the current man pays the price for sins he never committed.

    My man texts me, “Good morning beautiful”, “How are you doing beautiful?” and “Morning beautiful angel”. He does that all the time and I am guilty of not believing him.

    It’s so true what you are saying and you remind me that my reaction to his words can hurt him deeply.

    It’s nice to have a peak inside a man’s heart and mind.

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