God Is In The Recycling Business


God recycles!

When you recycle your glass, paper and plastic you are returning a resource to be recycled to be used again as something else.

When you accept Christ into your heart you are yielding a resource, yourself, to be refined, tested and refined some more to make a new creation to be used for a new purpose.

Just as with any recycling place, God knows the ins and outs of your making since He created you in the first place. He knows what it will take to refine you in His all consuming fire. Yes, sometimes it will hurt as He burns away the bad and stretches you. But as He refines you He already sees the finished work, what it will look like and what it’s job will be.

A new creation..a new resource..that can now be used for His glory. And that stretching and burning and testing you went through will allow you to help others by loving them, through Christ, and sharing with them what God has done in your life.

Won’t you allow God to recycle you today?


*OrigniOrig posted May 18th, 2016

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