Sunday Music: Alice Cooper | Lullaby

Reading Amy’s post Saturday morning reminded me of this song by Alice Cooper, where he calls the devil or a demon a few names.

The Last Temptation of Christ was Alice’s first “Christian” album! For those who have never listened to this you might be surprised. Good lyrics on the struggles of life and telling the devil to leave.

I listened to this album a lot while trying to quit watching porn. The whole album is good. I really like this song, Lost In America, Nothing’s Free and Cleansed By Fire.

But this one song with him telling the devil to get out of his face…yeah! I listened to it a lot when I was tempted. I would fast forward to the end of the song where he says…
I tell ya right now
I don’t want your reptile embrace
I don’t want to follow you down
to your place
I don’t want to be a child of disgrace
You can take your whiskey soaked, foaming
at the mouth, toilet talking, pea soup
spewing, sweating blood demon breath out
of my face

And sing along as loud as I could!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Music: Alice Cooper | Lullaby”

    1. I understand. It took me a while to get used to the fact that he was. I remember the day he “announced” it. I had my mouth open for a bit and then a huge praise God!

      There are many rockers out there that have surrendered their lives to Christ.

      Alice’s album Dragontown sort of reminded me, and probably no one else, of Frank Peretti’s book This Present Darkness.


  1. He’s an intelligent dude!! But I don’t know how to take him spiritually.. he still covers his old stuff on tour and is still big on the secular scene.

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    1. I get that John. But we can’t judge him based on where we think he should be. God never called him out of the secular music scene. Just like Blackie from WASP, both Dave’s from Megadeth and both of them are ordained ministers, Nic from Iron Maiden, or Brian from Korn, who did leave, but God told him to go back. And Alice’s non-profit work is awesome. What he and his wife are doing outside of the music industry is amazing. There are a few songs and acts on stage that he doesn’t do anymore.

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