Update On Me…I guess

I have another interview in the morning for a forklift operator position with a lumber company at 9 am.

I’ve been filling out apps online for different companies on their websites, at the Lousiana Workforce and through temp agencies…all to no avail as of yet.

I have gotten an extension on my gas bill…

Hopefully the electric company will be as accommodating.

The water company not so much. It was turned off this morning 😦

Out of food, cat food and cat litter.

Wigging out for a smoke. Maybe this is God’s way of having me stop….

Please pray for this interview process tomorrow as I really REALLY need employment so I can get back on track with everything.

Thank you all for your prayers, emails, phone calls and texts during the past few weeks!!

53 thoughts on “Update On Me…I guess”

  1. For those who are interested, there’s a post on my blog, Help A Brother Out, that has a link where you can financially help. Anything is greatly appreciated!

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  2. Praying for you daily brother and I will especially remember to pray in the morning for that job! God is able! I know how hard it can be, I’ve been through it myself but keep trusting Him, He will provide! I agree with Lydia, time to quit that smoking brother. Wish I could be of help financially too.

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