Blogger Spotlight: A New Life

I want to try to do something new.

Along with my monthly top picks, I want to highlight one blogger periodically throughout the year. This may work and it may not, but I want to try and give a shout out to those who have touched my heart.

For my first blogger, I would like to introduce Amy Blount to you all. She blogs over at A New Life. Many of you may know her, but if you do not you are in for a treat.

Please start by reading her story.

If I were to share with you all my favorite posts by Amy this would probably be the longest post with links ever. So I will share her most touching to me…

Fragments Of A Broken Childhood Lesson #1, Lesson #2, and Conclusion.

The Whole Truth Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Conclusion

The Wall

The Eyes Of Jesus

See Me

Ok, ok, I have to stop. Just go and read for crying out loud!

And speaking of crying, yeah…grab some tissue before you sit down.

If you get some popcorn make sure it is NOT in your lap, for it may spill everywhere when you jump for joy.

Trust me…

I have cried.

I have shouted the yoo-hoo.

I have laughed.

I have literally sat on my couch clapping.

And I have just sat there with no words with my mouth open.

Amy has a gift from the Lord and she uses it to not only help herself heal but offer hope to others!

Love ya sis!

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