Sexual Assault Expert Warns Of Heartbreaking Trend Among Children

One of the young men I have been praying for and helping sent me this link just a little bit ago.

It is an older post but still oh so vital today!

This truly hurts my heart to know that children at such a freaking young age are acting out sexual acts on each other that they should not even know of!!!

Parents…please…for the love of everything Holy and for your children protect them from this any way you can.

Parental locks on all devices.

A monitoring software for all internet devices.

Yeah, it costs money but your child’s safety is more important!

Read at your own discretion…

Sexual Abuse Expert Warns Of Heartbreaking Trend Among Children

17 thoughts on “Sexual Assault Expert Warns Of Heartbreaking Trend Among Children”

  1. I love this post. But I hv a question. Is it possible to monitor all they do? Putting parental locks on access to internet, doesn’t it restrict them from exploring? I’m not against parental locks but parents can’t be with them all ways. And when they get to a place there is no one monitoring them,they tend to do things they were restricted from either bad or good. As parents, can we really restrict them? It only takes d grace of GOD,

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    1. You are right. We can’t be there all the time and no we can not monitor it all, but we can take precautions. Placing parental locks does not restrict them from exploring the internet it just keeps them from seeing things they shouldn’t. Even a Google search of I want to be like mommy can lead them to seeing mom’s have sex. Parental locks can be set the extent that a 4 year old can only see G rated things, a ten to 13 PG, etc.

      More important than the parental locks are parents openly and honestly talking about sex and what is appropriate and what is not with their kids. But most do not 😦

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        1. You are very welcome Oyindamola. It’s just that is a very important issue to me. Not only did I struggle with porn growing up, but my daughter got exposed to it after my wife and divorced. And then was almost molested at a friend’s house.

          Not, we can’t be there 24/7 😢 But I truly believe that if we monitor what they watch and educate them with honesty and realness it can help.

          Thank you for the question. It was/is a valid one!


  2. I appreciate your sharing and totally agree that is is heartbreaking. Satan has a firm hold on media because he is the prince of the air. However, we win in the end if we persevere! So, I am thankful for your warning to parents and to grandparents, too!

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    1. Keep protecting her Michelle! Your love and guidance will be a major blessing in her life.

      Sadly, I know all too well that we can’t be everywhere with them and protect them at school or at a friend’s house BUT by talking openly about it makes a difference.

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