Sunday Music: Trytan | Rip Van Winkle

T.R.Y.T.A.N. To Reach Youth Through the Almighty Nazerene busted on the scene in 1987.

Most Christian bands sounded similar to a secular counterpart…


Barren Cross/ Iron Maiden

Angelica/Mr Big

Bride/Guns ‘n’ Roses

Jesus Freaks/Metallica

And Trytan was no exception. They sounded like Rush.

I was in love from the first note. But there was something special about this song to me. It still means the same to me today.

We, as the body of Believers, need to wake up, wipe the sleep from our eyes and live. Live for Christ instead of comfortably laying around under the shade tree or playing with you faith like you are on a seesaw.

Wake up! Be intentional in your walk!

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