The Lies of Relapse

Some very good pointers in here. Well, more like truths than pointers!

El Roi Ministries

Relapse doesn’t just happen. There is no such thing as a “slip.” It drives me crazy when people in recovery talk about slips. That is the beginning of the lies that lead to relapse. Nobody is ever walking down the street and accidentally falls onto a needle filled with heroin. Nobody trips and swallows a handful of pills. Nobody stumbles, and finds a bottle of alcohol in their mouth. Relapse happens with a series of choices. These choices are excused and justified because we believe little lies that the voice inside our heads tell us.

The Little Voice that Lies to US

I was watching a movie the other day. In this movie Richard Gere was an alcoholic. He had just awakened to the start of a new day. You could tell he was feeling agitated, uneasy, and uncomfortable because he hadn’t had any alcohol for several hours. As he…

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10 thoughts on “The Lies of Relapse”

  1. This is very true. I know from experience, the “oops” and “uh oh’s” are lies. I’d set myself up for them. Because I was hoping to get back into it. Actually quitting is tough! We have to lay it down and truthfully walk away.

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    1. Quitting is tough. I wish it as simple as just walking away but it’s not. We may walk away from that one but relace it with something else. To truly be free means getting the very root of why, confront it, confess it, make amends, and by doing so it will dry up and die from lack of water and food.

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      1. The urge to watch porn and the masturbation thing was almost hopeless to me. The temptation came over me so strong there wasn’t even a way to say no. I had to get on my knees and honestly talk to God about it. And when the temptation came, as huge as it hit me, I just had to say no and keep praying. When we show the Lord we mean business, He’ll move.

        The second phase of this was, I cannot remember the last time I saw porn. I can’t remember the last time I masturbated. But I began to imagine sex with my wife too often. And soon, I was still wrapped up in it, but in a certain way. Again, I had to want to get rid of it. Taking it to the Lord, laying it down and praying for His power, His wisdom, knowledge and understanding to leave it and not return. By returning, I’d be as a dog returning to it’s vomit. The more I work with the Lord, the more and more distant I become to it, and the more strength I receive.

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  2. Yes, very true. I had a couple of “slips” today — nothing more than a few glances though and I managed to pull myself together. I agree we should avoid tekking ourselves lies and be honest that it is a struggle between “want to” and “want not to” (or “want to” do something else).

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  3. Wow. We need to hear truth like this, or we so easily excuse ourselves from “the slip” which then becomes “the usual”. We need to be honest with ourselves and the Lord to break free. Thank you for sharing, Stu!

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    1. Well, I know for a fact I used the term “slip” or “trip” during my recovery but I willfully went there. And yet there have been those truly accidentals while using Google search (really have to be careful with that one) to find an image for a post. But those “slips” can become the “usual” as you said and quickly.

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      1. Very good point. In today’s world, you can truly accidentally view pornography because it is everywhere and they purposely sneak it into places where you don’t expect to find it. Lord, we pray for your protection!

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