WordPress Shenanigans

Is anyone else having issues?

I schedule the Daily Inspiration posts in advance. But when I go to check on the status on the post, after it is published and you guys have seen it, read it and liked it, it still shows up as scheduled.

It seems like some of my comments have been marked as spam on some pages. Please check the spam section…Kristian told me about this one…ughhh.

My reader is messed up. It only shows the posts from the last hour and then jumps to yesterday. How can I catch up if I can read them? Ughh!!

And lastly…oh never mind I’ll worry about it tomorrow

25 thoughts on “WordPress Shenanigans”

  1. I might see where someone likes my post or comment. But I have to reread everything to see if there’s any new comments

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  2. Yes, the update on the app has created some problems. I hope that the creators are working on fixing them. There are some people I follow whose blogs I don’t see anymore at all. I have to seek them out, like Efua. I really miss these and wish the website host would fix these!

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    1. Thank you ❤
      Me too Kathy. I hope the issue with my comments is fixed soon. I would hate for you all to start thinking I don’t care about what you post 😦

      The other issues are just aggravating is all.

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  3. Hey Stuart, I am having similar problems, some blogs I follow don’t show up anymore and sometimes the reader jumps 2 days with nothing between! And sometimes my answers to peoples comments don’t show up. Never had the problem before. I mean, I’m paying for something that isn’t working. Sigh.Oh, that spider is Dolomedes Tenebrosis. It’s the terrestrial form of the dark fishing spider. Some sites don’t have quite the correct info on this species though. It’s dark brown with yellow stripes on its hairy legs. Actually looks like somewhat like a tarantula! One was found here in Canada that was over 5 inches. It moves so fast that Muffin couldn’t catch it!

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    1. I really wish they would fix possible glitches prior to releasing on update.
      Oh wow. Gotta check it out. 5 inches…yeah that a big one. Sounds like what I call a wolf spider. Those suckers are huge and hairy and always jump on my paddle when I’m fishing


        1. Just one of those glitches with the update. I have some on Kathy’s blog and maybe Vickie’s and Amy’s.

          I check my spam folder every day because of the porn topic I get comments outside of WordPress sometimes. Those always show up as spam.

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