The Ministry Of Gold, Frankincense & Myrhh

This is what the Christian music industry should look like ministry wise…

This picture doesn’t just show a few girls having a chit chat. This is a picture of the band GFM(Gold Frankincense & Myrrh), a christian metal/beautycore band, sitting with my daughter after a show of theirs. My daughter had been going through some problems lately. She had been bullied, she felt alone, and she felt like she didn’t belong. She had also been diagnosed with prediabetes along with high cholesterol so she felt zeroed out. I thought I was going to lose her due to the cruelty of others.

She started going through her phases. She changed her hair color and every. I’m not worried about that, but its the fact that she felt like she had to change. She says now that this is her. She is happy with what she looks like and who she is.

I had reached out to the band and explained what has been going on. Well, I never thought in my life, we’d be finding some of the best friends in the world. These girls sat down with my baby after the show and talked to her forever it seemed. Talking about her problems, helping show her the right way, and helping her find her path. They helped her get her faith back. She lost her faith completely it seemed.

You can see, they all have their heads bowed. They prayed with/for her, and they even prayed with me and my husband. Here these girls are, traveling, doing shows all the time, and I know they’re tired… they still found the time after everyone left to talk to her.

In this pic, it’s more than just girls talking. Its people coming together for support, to help another human being. This is not seen often. Not even from some of the bigger names in any Christian or other genre…

Feel free to share this and show who these girls really are. I have to say, their mom n dad raised them right. They are some great girls. They say their fans are family. This proves it.

CJ, Maggie, & Lulu.. thank you. Deeply from the bottom of my heart. Shes had a glow and I’m finally seeing the girl I used to know. Thank you thank you thank you 1 million times. God Bless you all & see ya at MITM.

This was at Concord College in Athens WV

#GFM #TeamGFM #beautycore #prayer #faith #love

~This is used by permission. I did take out one photo which had the daughter’s face showing, for privacy reasons. And I edited the post to reflect only using one picture instead of multiple ones. This IS what ministry is ALL about peeps!!!❤❤ Changing one life at a time!~

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